Achieve Better Health and Wellbeing by Working WITH the Body to Repair, Heal, and Improve

If you’re looking beyond conventional wellness, fitness, or health coaching programs and wish to tap into the vibrant health and energy already within you – to reduce stress, increase energy, overcome chronic pain or a frustrating health condition – then this is the place for you.

The Resilient Edge Wellness approach to health and wellbeing integrates your body, mind and spirit to give you better results in less time than the typical programs, fads, and cookie-cutter stuff you can find online. We leverage time-tested principles and techniques from Classical Chinese Medicine (a 5,000 year-old medical tradition), Clinical Qigong, other energy and breathing disciplines, and traditional martial arts…along with modern, proven fitness and health coaching strategies and nutritional recommendations. In other words, it’s a full mind-body-spirit approach to health and vitality which is accessible to anyone, no matter your current age, health, or fitness level. We work with the body to kick start its natural abilities to repair and heal itself.

The truth is, our western medical model which focuses primarily on treating disease (versus preventing it) and breeds dependence on prescription meds and surgery, has let us down. Each of us can achieve remarkable improvements in our health, energy levels, and capabilities – including overcoming chronic conditions – with some targeted information and practices. A full mind-body-spirit approach to health and vitality is accessible to anyone, no matter your current age, health, or fitness level. We work together with you to develop a program that is customized to YOUR body, YOUR needs, and YOUR lifestyle. 

I understand how challenging it can be to achieve – AND retain – the fitness, health, and energy we all want – especially when you are busy with job/career, family and home responsibilities, and community obligations. Or you might be concerned about age-related decline or chronic illness and would like to start a sound wellness program, so you stay sharp mentally, avoid diseases of aging, and have more energy to do the things you want to do. My goal is to help you achieve the fitness, health, and energy you desire, so you can feel more confident and resilient, achieve your goals, and possess control and balance in your life.

I started writing this blog years ago…took a hiatus for a few years…and now I’m back. I encourage you to sign up and follow the blog, so you are alerted to every new post. You can find a wealth of information here through these articles, so be sure to check out the archives.

You can access my latest Qigong and Breathwork Courses and books here. If you’re interested in working with me or would like to get more information on our programs, please visit our main site at www.resilientedgewellness.com or call us at 1-512-267-3915 (1-800-746-3052 toll-free).

You Can Do It!


Karen Van Ness