Do This Every Day – You’ll Love It, I Guarantee It!

Visualization is most effective when coupled with deep, controlled breathing to
help you get into the proper mental state.

One of the best ways to learn how to breathe properly is to learn and practice the
Complete Breath. Its name indicates that you are using all of the lungs and breathing
apparatus to their natural maximum extent.  This is a fundamental breathing exercise
that you should practice every day. I teach how to perform the Complete Breath in
the Secret Power of Dynamic Energy Exercise Course, Volume 1 (please visit for more information).

Performing the Complete Breath on a regular basis is a very effective technique and
an important part of any fitness or health program. Adding targeted visualization and
imagery is even more powerful.

Following is a very powerful breathing and visualization technique that I practice and
recommend. It helps develop robust health and improves vital capacity. It can also
be used to help reduce stress and relieve chronic pain. It helps maximize your energy
levels and can be used as a quick “pick me up” when you feel yourself starting to fade.

Perform this exercise while standing with feet shoulder width apart. This exercise is
designed to enhance your breathing and expand your chi, or internal power.

    Step 1:  Start with hands hanging at your sides. Inhale deeply for a count of 4. As
you inhale, move your arms out to the sides, palms up. Continue moving arms over
your head until your fingers almost touch. Stretch your arms out wide, then up very
high so that you really expand the chest and lengthen the spine. When your hands
are directly above your head, your palms are should be facing down.

    Step 2:  Exhale to a count of 6. As you exhale, push palms straight down in front
of you. Imagine you are helping to push the air out of your lungs until they are completely
emptied. Push your palms down to the level of your abdomen. Then move hands to your
sides. Repeat.

    Step 3:  Once you have the basic breathing and movement pattern down, add this

    With the Inhalation:  Imagine clean, white, healing, purifying air entering first your
lungs, then your entire body. The air is sparkling with energy. With every breath, you
pull more of that energy into you.

    With the Exhalation:  Imagine a gray, black cloud of negative energy, toxins and
impurities being expelled from your body.

As you continue breathing, imagine your lungs are becoming cleaner and clearer as
you take in clear air and sparkling energy and force out impurities, toxins, and negative

Your lungs are now filled with healing blue air—like the relaxing beautiful blue of a clear
sky on a perfect day.

After you have your lungs feeling great, extend the healing blue color throughout your
body. If you have a spot that is particularly tight or painful, breathe the healing energy
into that spot.

This is a great exercise to do on a daily basis. You can use it whenever you need an
energy boost or need to de-stress.

You Can Do It!


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