Take Time to Regroup

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been in San Francisco
this week at a conference.

It was fun, I learned a lot, and I got a chance to see – and meet –
a lot of people with whom I collaborate. I had to present and speak a
few times. And I tell you, no matter how many times I present, or
record a video or audio session….I still get nervous. Just part of
the game for me, just the way I roll, I guess. The few times I have
NOT been nervous before a presentation, I….. well, let’s just say
it didn’t go so well. I’ve learned that being nervous is a good sign,
whether it’s just before a sparring match in a tournament, a presentation
in front of a large group, or even a meeting with a prospect or client.

Although I still dislike the feeling I get – and, I imagine, that you
get too, before you have to speak in public.

You know, that feeling that hits you right before you go on. The “I wish
I could just blow this off and not have to do it…maybe the AV guy will
not be here to set things up so I can’t give my presentation…maybe
no one will show up and I will be off the hook….” etc., etc., etc.

Well, I got home late last night and I decided to embrace today as a
regroup / rejuvenate / catch up day.

No specific agenda; no specific schedule, other than dropping off and
picking up my son from school today. Oh, and we are going to the local
high school’s football game tonight. The town is abuzz because it’s
homecoming. We have to show our support!

But I digress. I bring all this up because of how important it is to
take time to regroup once in awhile – and I wanted to share with you a
few thoughts on this.

The time spent away from the daily routine, enjoying the comraderie of
fellow corporate warriors, and especially enjoying the unique sights of
that “city by the Bay” … all contributed to an interesting and exciting

But, I have to admit, even I felt tired last night as I drove home
from the airport.

If you have been through one of those “sprint” periods, during which you
are running at lightning speed because of everything going on…or if
you face any type of chronic health condition…or if you are going through
a period of pressure, tight schedules, and stress, it’s important to
learn how to regroup.

If you suffer frequently from health problems and / or symptoms related
to stress, you may be continually preoccupied with your situation. You
lose focus on, and enjoyment of, the rest of your life. You may become
so inwardly focused that you lose touch with the people and activities
that mean so much to you.

When this happens, it’s hard to realize what a negative impact it’s having
on you, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Regardless of the cause, you need to take the time to “process” what
is happening.

This helps you move on and get going with your life again.

Regrouping is shorthand for a way of negotiating the maze of every day
challenges, as well as rising to the occasion when life throws you a
curve ball. It’s also about embracing the uncertainty of life and seeing
the adventure. About learning how to bend, not break.

Regrouping doesn’t have to involve a week or a weekend away, although
that can be very beneficial if you have the time.

It can be as simple as being “off a schedule” for a day – still working
on things but not being a stickler for the to-do list or the clock –
kinda like what I am doing today.

It can also be as simple as taking a few minutes out of your hectic day
to simply sit, breathe deeply, and be.

If you have been going through a bad spell, take a moment to reflect on
the deep reservoir of endurance and strength you naturally cultivate when
you face a chronic condition or challenging situation. You may not always
feel it’s there, but trust me, it is.

Use these few minutes to gather yourself and tap into that reservoir.
Remember that you are a survivor, you are tough. You are also flexible.
You can bend like the willow tree to adapt to current conditions.

You may not always feel in control of your life or the circumstances
surrounding it. In fact, you may often feel like circumstances control
you. But you CAN control your response to circumstances and challenges.
You can also control your response to the emotions, such as anxiety,
frustration, and anger, that are so prevalent these days.

By taking the time to regroup, you assert control at a very fundamental
level. This is one of the first steps to helping yourself overcome the
stress associated with much of modern living. It’s an important way of
asserting control — and feeling in control is a prerequisite to being happy
and satisfied with your life.

Discovering your own best way to regroup is time well spent. It’s a skill
you can use for the rest of your life.

You Can Do It!

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