Protect Your Foundation

Stress is stealing away your life, even if you don’t realize it.

You see, stress, fatigue and chronic pain manifest physically as increased tension
and tightness in the body, particularly in the large muscles of the torso, such as
chest, shoulders and back.

This is why neck and back pain and headaches are so prevalent today.

Stress can also cause your breathing to weaken and become more shallow. When
you take in less oxygen, your system doesn’t work to capacity. You feel physically
fatigued and mentally foggy and fuzzy.

These reactions to stress put into motion a cascade of hormonal and neuromuscular
changes that can have dire consequences for even the hardiest of us.

Your posture also changes when you’re under stress. You turn in your shoulders and
hunch forward. You may notice that you cross your arms more frequently.

These are all signs of the protective impulse…. of your body collapsing in on itself in
an effort to protect you physically from more abuse.

Problem is, the tightness and tension in your muscles, along with the stressed, hunched
posture, create huge imbalances and overloads on your spine.

The spine is the foundation of your body and one of its critical centers of energy.

Sitting, standing and walking compress the spine to varying degrees. The high proportion
of time many of us spend sitting is particularly tough on our backs.

After years of sitting at desks, in meetings, on the couch, or on airplanes, the spine loses
its resiliency.

This in turn affects the entire nervous system, causing decreased energy, backaches,
headaches, neck and shoulder tightness….even moodiness, irritability, and the inability
to concentrate or focus.

The secret is to free the tension and tightness from your entire torso area, so that the
breathing spaces are wide open and free, and the spine is extended and lengthened.

Open breathing spaces mean full, complete breathing. In turn, this expands your lungs’
capacity to infuse larger amounts of oxygen into your body, and more effectively remove
wastes and toxins from your system.

Elongating and loosening the spine helps free up vital nerve force and energy, as well as
release tension.

The combination of the two is a powerhouse!

It leaves you with a loose, relaxed, energized feeling. It not only invigorates — it’s a major
pathway to physical health and wellbeing.

You may think it difficult to achieve this combination of opening, freeing, and releasing.
You may think you have to pay big bucks to visit a chiropractor or massage therapist
every week.

Well, it’s not difficult at all. Nor is it expensive.

For starters, I highly recommend taking several short stretch breaks throughout the day,
especially if you are spending long periods of time sitting in meetings or clacking
away at the computer.

Get up, stretch up, stretch to the sides, lean forward and down, rotate your
shoulders. All loose, relaxed movements. Synch your movements to your breathing for
even more relaxation and re-energizing.

There are even some stretches you can do while sitting in your chair – if you’re
too lazy to stand up.

If you’re interested in really loosening, relaxing and re-energizing, you can easily
discover how with just a few minutes of listening to the Secret Power of Dynamic Energy
Exercise Course, Volume 1: Invigorate and Rejuvenate.

The course consists of two series of seven exercises. The first series focuses on dynamic
breathing coordinated with easy, flowing movements.

The second series helps stretch, relax and rejuvenate your entire torso area, with special
emphasis on the spine and back.

These amazing exercises stimulate, strengthen, and rejuvenate you.

They help you instantaneously relax AND improve your energy levels. You’ll feel more in
control, rather than at the whim of the latest crisis. After doing the exercises for just a few
days, any back or neck pain you have been experiencing will be history.

The Secret Power of Dynamic Energy Exercise Course provides you with a quick, easy,
enjoyable way to rejuvenate and protect your foundation. I’d love for you to give it a try.

To learn more about this incredible course, head on over to the Best Breathing Exercises website.

You Can Do It!

Copyright Karen Van Ness, 2010

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