Root Canal? No Problem When You Follow My Advice

Wow, the interest in the Dynamic Flexibility program has been
wonderful! Copies of the program have been flying out of here about
as fast as we can pack and ship ’em.

Thank you so much to those of you – you doers and go-getters – who
have ordered your own copy of the program. I trust you will benefit
from – and enjoy, which is just as important – the program itself,
as well as how it makes you feeeeel. As in, sooo gooood.

A proper program of stretching and flexibility exercises helps you
feel better, move better, and avoid injury. Done properly – the way
I teach – improving your flexibility, range of motion and joint
health can be rejuvenating, invigorating – AND relaxing.

In fact, my Dynamic Flexibility program can even make a root canal
seem like a walk in the park. And here is my (perhaps) weird way of
demonstrating just how powerful the method I teach is.

Like you, I’ve always heard people say things like, “I’d rather
have root canal surgery than do that!” And I got the picture
pretty clearly. Root canal surgery sucks! And the aftermath can
be quite painful too!
Just so you don’t think I have poor dental hygiene, let me say
here that I actually have nice healthy teeth, with very few
cavities. I take good care of my teeth and gums.

So I need to give you some backstory on the root canal situation.

Don’t worry, I’ll get to the point pretty quickly.

First, let me harken back to my competitive sparring and fighting
days. During a routine sparring session, I took a hook kick to
the side of my jaw. Which means my sparring partner’s heel
said hello – forcefully! – to my jaw. It was one of those
proverbial “I didn’t see it coming” moments — and the ones
you don’t see are usually the ones that getcha!

I had my bell rung a little – but being a diligent (and
hard-headed) student, I shook it off and continued to spar.
Fortunately, I had been biting down on my mouthpiece, which 
prevented any serious damage.

Or so I thought, until I was stretching after our session and
began to spit out little hard pieces of….something. I wasn’t
sure what it was, and went merrily along on my way.

Within about a week, I was feeling pain in my lower back molar.
After enduring this for another week, I finally paid a visit to
my dentist and found out that the tooth was cracked. Yikes!

That WAS quite the kick!

Anyhoo, the decision was made to clean up the tooth and apply
a crown. Which worked out great. It’s been some years now
and no worries at all.

However, this fall, I began to feel some aching in the tooth.
So I figured it was time to put on a new crown. At my
regular cleaning appointment last month, my dentist concurred.
Plus a couple of fillings needed to be replaced. And we
scheduled the follow-up appointment for today.

So, I went back to my dentist today for my fillings and crown
replacement, thinking it would be no big deal – and found out
I would need a root canal!

Yikes again!

Since we were already in the middle of everything, my dentist
went ahead with the root canal.

My dentist and the dental assistant were wonderful! And they
kept commenting on how well I did, how calm I was, how easy
it was to work on me. The assistant took my blood pressure
before and after the procedures – 100 over 50, like it usually
is. She was shocked.

I have to admit, I did watch “The View” for part of the time
they were working on me, which did serve as good distraction. I
tell ya, whether you like / love the ladies on the View or
can’t stand ’em, it’s good for a few laughs.

But here’s the real secret behind my calm, relaxed demeanor:
In between dropping my son at school this morning and leaving
for my appointment, I went through an abbreviated routine of
dynamic breathing and stretching exercises. I only did about
6 or 7 minutes worth, but I felt great!

I made it a point to focus on my breathing, and take nice, deep,
relaxed breaths as I drove to the dentist’s office. And I
reminded myself to breathe and relax all during the procedure.

The root canal wasn’t nearly as bad as I imagined it would be.
And the pain has not been any big deal either. When I get an
ache or twinge, I breathe with it, acccept it, and let it go.

(Full disclosure: I went ahead and filled the Vicodin RX my
dentist gave me, just in case. But I don’t plan on taking any.)

I’m glad I got that over with, but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
So Lesson #1: brush and floss regularly – and don’t get
kicked in the jaw!

Lesson #2: Leverage the power of deep breathing and dynamic
exercise to help you sail through even the most
stress-provoking, cringe-inducing events in life —  like a
root canal.

You Can Do It!

P.S. My method for improving flexibility gives you limber,
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you feeling relaxed but energized, calm but focused (kinda
like the feeling I had on the way to the dentist).

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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2010

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