A Close Call Averted

This won’t be a typical tip.

I wanted to share with you a close call my immediate family and I
survived – yet we didn’t even know we were in danger at the time.

As I’ve told you in some previous emails, my better half, my
6 year old son, and I traveled to Boston for the Thanksgiving
holiday to visit with family and friends. On the evening of
November 24th, we were on Flight 1264 from Austin into Boston’s
Logan Aiport. The flight was fine and we arrived into Boston
early, and proceeded to taxi to our gate.

We deplaned, got our luggage, and went merrily along our way…and
we enjoyed a great holiday visit.

Early this week, the story came out that our flight had had a
close call on the runway at Logan. During the taxi to our assigned
gate, the pilots may have taken a wrong turn or misunderstood
instructions – and they were about to drive our plane across a
runway, where another airplane was taking off.

At the last minute, an alert air traffic controller saw what
was happening. He radio’d to the pilot to “hold!” immediately.

If you want to see how close we were to the runway, you can
read the story and view / hear the air traffic transmissions
at the following link:


I can tell you, viewing the news story and seeing / hearing
the air traffic transmission, and how close our airplane was to
the runway where the other plane was taking off, was chilling.

That air traffic controller made a great save.

You know, I have traveled quite a bit over the years for both
business and pleasure, and I’ve seen some crazy things. But I
have to say, especially as a mother: I’m very happy that
professional was calm and focused enough, on one of the busiest
travel days of the year, to avert a potential disaster.

I would love to have the chance to thank this professional
directly, but the FAA typically keeps their people anonymous.
However, my brother (who works for the government) contacted this
controller’s management chain, and they are passing along a note
of thanks we have written.

I often discuss the importance of gratitude in helping you
better navigate the challenges and stresses of modern life.
Well, I can tell you that I have one more thing to be grateful

I’m not so fearful for myself. But just thinking about what
could have happened to my young son, or to the love of my

Makes me want to hug ’em up and hold ’em even closer this
holiday season.

You Can Do It!

Karen Van Ness

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2010

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