A Quick, Easy Exercise to Help You Get “Unstuck”

Here’s a quote from a renowned Japanese expert on Ki, or internal

“If I had to offer advice, in one short statement, about what
constitutes a correct self-image, distilled from the experiences
of numerous business tycoons and other successful people as well
as from my own historical research, then it would be this:
Never think pessimistically about anything; always try to think
positively.” – Kouzo Kaku

Kaku-san goes on to describe what he means by “think positively”:

1) Never complain or think or speak badly of another;

2) Cultivate a feeling of thankfulness and gratitude towards
all things;

3) Once you have decided to do something, never think in terms
of “I cannot do it” or “It is impossible”;

4) Do not refute another’s opinion, but be willing to listen
to it;

5) Do not become angry when things do not go as planned and
never hold a grduge against those around you.

(From Kouzo Kaku, “The Mysterious Power of Ki”)

Wow! Lots to think about there.

I just discussed point number #5 with my brother Jeff, who
called me from Reagan National Airport this morning. Seems
his flight has been delayed, then delayed again, and again,
and yet again.

Not a pleasant situation. However, given the weather we’ve
seen in the Midwest and Northeast in recent days, it probably
shouldn’t be too surprising that there are delays today.

And he knows it. He called because he was bored – but also to
vent about the delays, the inconvenience, the fact his first
email warning about the delays arrived on his Crackberry the
very minute he stepped into the airport, and on and on.

I commiserated with him, because I have been in that same
situation more times than I care to remember.

But I also reminded him about point #5 above: “Do not become
angry when things do not go as planned…”

If you don’t attend to how your mind is working, you can
become easily irritated — about the weather, about the
driving skills of the person in the car ahead of you, about
someone you listen to on the radio whom you just hate.

But why allow yourself to be deterred from the bigger
picture of your life by these types of distractions? Why
waste the psychic energy on them?

I shared with my brother a simple, easy exercise that can
help you to quickly relax and let go of negative emotions
and thoughts. Would you like to try this one for yourself?

Good! Here goes:

1) Breathe deeply several times from your abdomen. When you
notice that your worries have dissipated somewhat, relax
all over as much as you can;

2) Exhale fully until your lungs are empty. Lean forward as
you exhale. For extra assistance, place both hands on your
abdomen, just below your bottom ribs, and push in gently but
firmly into the center of the area below your ribs;

3) At the same time, imagine you are expelling all of your
negative thoughts and emotions as you breathe out;

4) When you have completed your exhale, sit up slowly and
naturally into an upright position and breathe in;

5) As you breathe in, imagine very sharp, crisp, positive
energy is entering your body.

In energy disciplines and traditions, it is said that the
solar plexus is the primary place in the body where bad
energy, or ki (chi), can get stuck. You may notice that,
when you are angry or frustrated — or simply feeling stuck
in an important area of you life (or in an airport) —
you feel hardness in your solar plexus area. This is
because “bad” ki or energy has stagnated there.

You only have to do this exercise three or four times to
feel the tremendous difference in energy. Remember: the
visualization, or using your imagination, is just as
important as the physical movements.

Try it and let me know what you think.

In the meantime, my bro just texted me that he was able to
get on another flight and is on his way to his destination.

He also thanked me for the advice. So I guess that means he
actually did this exercise in the middle of the airport.

If he can do it, you can do it too!

You Can Do It!



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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2010

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