How To Accelerate Your Results – In Just About Any Activity

How much do you know about the tremendously energizing and
restorative effects of deep breathing and dynamic energy exercise?

For example, did you know that you can amplify and accelerate the
effects of any type of exercise — weight training, bodyweight
exercise, aerobic exercise (or cardio, as it is now called), even
stretching and flexibility exercises — with proper breathing?

This means that, if you know how to incorporate your breathing with
your exercise, in a particular way, you can achieve a much more
effective and efficient fitness regimen. A regimen that leaves you
feeling energized, builds you up, and improves your mental clarity
and focus — so you are more energetic and efficient throughout your

This “dynamic energy exercise” approach (which, by the way, is
introduced in the Secret Power of Dynamic Energy Exercise Course,
Volumes 1 & 2 ),
involves integrating breath training, breath control, and breathing
patterns into regular exercise.

It also leverages simple but powerful exercises and techniques to
get your internal energy flowing and strengthen and temper your
muscles from the inside out.

You don’t have to believe in the concept of Ki or Chi (internal
energy), or energy flowing, to experience the benefits for

But sometimes we Westerners require physical or scientific proof.

The concept of Ki or Chi (sometimes spelled Qi) has been studied,
and is becoming increasingly accepted, under western medical
parameters. And many doctors and other health practitioners are
beginning to respect the existence of energy meridians and the
effectiveness of eastern practices, such as acupuncture,
meditation and chi kung (qi gong) as useful and powerful adjuncts
to conventional medicine.

Here’s an interesting factoid: the same concepts of internal
energy, flowing and enhancing your energy, and so forth, were
alive and well in the western world through the early decades
of the 20th century.

Terms such as “vital nerve force” and “vital energy” abound in
many of the physical culture and health enhancement publications
of the early 1900’s. There is a wealth of practical and inspiring
knowledge in books and courses from that time, many published in
the U.S. and Europe.

I’m not sure what exactly caused western medicine to move away
from these common understandings and practices, but unfortunately,
it did…to our detriment, I think.

Of course, experiencing enhanced energy levels, mental clarity,
and increased confidence and enjoyment can be triggered by many

Any time you have been totally engrossed in an enjoyable,
challenging or rewarding activity, you have probably experienced
a state of flow. You may have kept going for hours without being
aware of the time, and without experiencing any fatigue.

Imagine being able to induce such a state, whenever you need or
want to, to enhance the results of your efforts, or to enhance
your enjoyment of the activity.

Whether you wish to add a dimension to your exercise routine…or
jumpstart your efforts to lose weight…or improve your ability to
concentrate or be creative…all these things (and many more) can
be enhanced with dynamic energy exercise.

You Can Do It!

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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2010

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