Pressed For Time? Make The Time

Hello there dear reader!

Wow! A full moon…a total lunar eclipse…the winter solstice.
Quite the confluence of events.

Oh yeah, and Christmas Eve is only three days away. And the weather
forecasters are promising a white Christmas for major portions of
the country.

I love a white Christmas! Seems like we haven’t had enough of
them over the years. There’s something magical about Christmas snow,
isn’t there?

So, how are you doing? Still working, still getting the shopping
and preparations completed?

Me too. Although I did better this year, and I only have a few gifts
left to purchase. Nevertheless, I’ve still been feeling that last
minute crush. Things to finish up at work. The last bit of
preparation and shopping. Guess there’s no way to completely beat

Despite the crazy schedule these past few weeks, I still managed
to get in some good workouts.

How about you. How did you do?

I know how tough it can be to fit in exercise when you are trying
to close out work for the year, as well as shop and party and all
the other fun (and sometimes frenetic) stuff that comes with the

But you’ve got to make a little time for yourself too!

People get so stressed out around the holidays, for a variety of
reasons. Exercise – even light exercise, even just a few minutes
of exercise – can help kick that stress to the curb.

When you consistently train on a regular basis, you can get by
with shorter workouts when you need to. And you don’t have to
kill yourself in each workout.

In fact, training regularly, for even a short period of time,
every day or every other day – getting into that virtuous pattern
of action – enables you to make as good or better progress than if
you try to do a couple of marathon workouts during the week, or on
the weekends.

This is one reason why I keep my programs fairly short. In each of
my programs or courses, I teach you series of exercises that can be
completed in 15 minutes or less.

This goes for the deceptively simple but powerful exercises in the
Secret Power of Dynamic Energy Exercise Course
. Both volumes,
Volume 1: Invigorate and Rejuvenate, and Volume 2: The Dynamic
Energy Routine, are easy to follow and they only take a few minutes.

I know, 15 minutes has become a cliche.

But I know how I operate. And it’s the same way most people operate.

If I’m a little tired or pressed for time, the thought of a two hour
workout can seem quite daunting. So I blow it off.

On the other hand, if I tell myself that I will just do something –
some deep breathing, some stretching, some calisthenics or dynamic
tension movements, etc., for 10 or 15 minutes, just to take the
edge off and relax…well, before you know it, 15 minutes has become
20 has become 30, and so on.

I end up getting in a great session. And I feel better
psychologically to boot.


Because following through on a daily dose of physical activity –
even if it’s only a short one – gives you a sense of control and

No matter how haywire your day or week is going, no matter how far
behind you feel, no matter if the holidays are bittersweet and
involve some loneliness or pain…you can always take those few
moments for yourself to get centered and enjoy the refuge of some
focused, healthy physical exertion.

I’d love it if you spent those few minutes with me, sharing in
some powerful breathing and energy exercises. Think of it as a
holiday gift for yourself, or for someone you love.

And remember, I’m making it easy for you to give my programs a whirl.

We’re currently running a Holiday Special where you can acquire
both volumes of the Secret Power of Dynamic Energy Exercise
program for one very special price. It’s my way of saying “thank you”
and wishing you the best this holiday season.

You can check it out for yourself by going to the Best Breathing
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You Can Do It!

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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2010

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