Some Thoughts for the New Year

Hello there, my friend. Happy New Year!

I enjoyed a nice holiday break with my family and friends. I sure
hope you did the same.

The New Year is here! You’ve probably been taking stock of 2010 and
looking ahead to 2011.

As you take stock of 2010, think back over the year about the good
things, as well as the not-so-good things, that came into your life.

Think also about what you did (or did not do) to achieve those good
things, or to bring / allow those not-so-good things into your life.
We learn from our mistakes as well as our successes, so it’s good
to spend a few minutes on each.

If you’re like most people, you are your own worst critic. So, I
recommend you spend more time congratulating yourself on the good
things — the things you achieved this past year. (And there ARE
good things – no matter how bad your year may have been. You may
have to think a little bit, but they’re there.)

Next, take time to think about what you would like to achieve or
bring into your life in 2011.

Now, I’m not talking about making new year’s resolutions.
Resolutions are for amateurs.

I’m talking about setting goals for yourself. Humans are inherently
goal-oriented. Setting, planning for, and working toward goals are
natural, powerful mechanisms for moving forward in life. Goals are
critical to the process of constructive change and growth.

It’s good to have balance in your goals. In other words, look
across all of the major areas of your life and think about the
outcomes you would like to see in each of them.

Some areas to consider include: health and fitness; relationships;
career or business; financial; personal development; contribution
and service. Take a few minutes to consider these areas. Tune
in to your feelings. What goals or outcomes really resonate with
you when you think about them?

You can have specific goals for any and every area of your life.
And one of the most, if not THE most, important area is your

In fact, I think that setting a goal or goals pertaining to your
health and fitness is critical to having a positive and
constructive year. I mean, think about it: if your health or
fitness is lousy, it will negatively impact every other area of
your life.

On the other hand, if your health and energy levels are high, you
will have the energy, confidence, and sense of well-being that
literally propel you forward to the achievement of even your most
difficult goals.

As you think about and plan for this glorious New Year with which
you have been blessed, consider this: pretend it’s a year from now,
and you are looking back over 2011.

What kind of year will you be reviewing? What will you feel really
awesome about having achieved or completed?

You Can Do It!


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Make this the year that good things happen!

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2010

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