Want to Lose Weight…Having Panic Attacks? Help is Here

A little change o’ pace in today’s blog post. We’ll hear from
several dear readers of my Best Breathing Exercises “Energy, Fitness
and Personal Power” email newsletter. (Which, by the way, you can
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Dear Karen,
I nearly ordered your book, the “Fire Up Your Metabolism” Program,  
but thought it would be a waste of money because
its for “fighting fit people”, or those who haven’t had medical

Please write back and tell me how you see it.

Many thanks!

KVN: Thanks for your inquiry, Auriel. The “Fire Up Your Metabolism”
Program is not for “fighting fit” people. One of the goals in
designing it was to make it accessible for everyone, regardless of
whether they are in good shape, bad shape, or somewhere in between.

In fact, when I first used the series of exercises I teach in the
program, as well as the other recommendation on diet and exercise,
I had been through a period of inactivity which had led me to gain

I had lost some weight but wasn’t seeing the results I thought I
should be, relative to the effort I was putting in. When I used
the program, it made a huge difference!

Most of the exercises are done from standing position and the
movements are pretty simple. I provide you with adaptations which
enable you to modify the exercises to make them either easier or
more challenging, depending on what you can do right now.

I also provide diet recommendations, the key ingredient for
enhancing any type of exercise to promote fat burning, and give
you tips on simple things you can do every day to keep your
metabolism humming along.

Whether you are severely overweight, need to lose 20 pounds, or
have been trying to lose that last 5 to 10 pounds….this program
can help you.

Hi Karen,
I agree with you here regarding keeping a journal [referencing an
earlier email tip, “One of the  Most Powerful Things You Can Do
to Ensure Success”]. I just finished one for my first week of
weight watchers. I kept a journal faithfully, and lost 4.1 pounds
for my first week of journaling! I was amazed to say the least! I
am so pleased that I did it. I have vowed to keep on journaling
in spite of my other difficulties. I am going to change my
thinking as well as my behavior too!

Take care and thanks for the encouragement.


KVN: Congratulations, Dee! That’s a phenomenal start to your
weight loss program. I truly believe recording what you eat,
your exercise or other activity, and even how you are feeling,
is a surefire (and proven) method for enhancing your focus and

If you know you have to write it down, you think twice before
eating it. If you complete that workout, you feel good about
recording it.

You also touch on a key point: “Change my thinking as well as my
behavior”. When you think about it, your results come from your
actions (or inactions); your actions are triggered by your
thoughts. Journaling regularly forces you to come face to face
with whatever is holding you back – as well as those things that
reinforce and support you. Keep up the great work!

OK, one final question for today:

Hello my name is Judy the breathing exercise seems like a great
idea. I have anxiety and I just started having panic attacks. I
need to find ways to relax I’m always on the go and I feel like
I have no time to stop. If you have any more ideas please send

Thank you,

KVN: Judy, it sounds like you are really stressed out. First off,
the fact that you “have no time to stop” means that you have to
do just that: stop! If only for one or two minutes to collect

Take 10 deep breaths: inhaling through your nose, exhaling through
your nose. Without straining, try to make each breath deeper and

If this doesn’t help, you can also inhale through your nose,
exhale quickly through your mouth with more force. Sometimes this
can break through the anxiety more effectively.

If you take just a minute or two to breathe deeply, you’ll help
yourself relax and get a bit of perspective on the situation. You’ll
come back to the task or challenge with more energy and focus.

Also, I recommend you get the Secret Power of Dynamic Energy
Exercise Course, Volume 1: Invigorate & Rejuvenate
. In this
course, I guide you through breathing, energy and stretching
exercises that help open up your breathing, relax you, and
relieve built-up stress and tension.

If you’re interested, you can visit the Best Breathing Exercises website
for more details.

If, after trying all this, the anxiety attacks continue or get
worse, you should see a medical professional for help. No need
to take chances, there are plenty of options for you.

You Can Do It!

Karen Van  Ness

P.S. Start this year out right! For clearer breathing and relief
from stress…for increasing your focus, internal energy and
health…or for help in reaching your ideal weight, I’ve got the
program for you. Check ’em out at the Best Breathing Exercises  

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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