Don’t End Up Like Elvis Presley

WARNING! Today’s post deals with yeck-inducing subject matter, and
is not for the easily grossed out.

On the other hand, I will share with you one of the bext things
you can do to improve and maintain your overall health. So you
might wish to take a chance and read on

What is this “secret” for achieving and maintaining robust health?
Well, it has to do with your lungs. Yes, your lungs, givers of
life, disposers of wastes. Just as you regularly replace the air
filter in your car or your heating unit, you need to regularly
clean out your body’s most important filters, your lungs.

Of course, there is no special long-handled brush you can use to
reach down in there and scrub.

Fortunately, nature provides us with some tools…which work
marvelously, if you will use them. These tools are pretty easy
and take a reasonable amount of time and effort. I’ll discuss
a few today.

Deep breathing performed on a regular basis can really help you
clear out the mucus and get those airways singing again. If you
do some deep breathing every day for a week to 10 days, you will
see a phenomenal difference.

When you breathe deeply, you can expect to expectorate. In other
words, the deep breathing gets things moving in there and propels
the mucus out of your airways. You then have to complete the
last step, which is to use controlled coughing to bring it up
and out.

(Hopefully you’re not eating while reading this. If you are,
better stop reading ’til you’re done, because it only gets worse
from here…)

If you are really having a hard time with mucus and mucus plugs,
you may need to percuss yourself. This refers to hitting areas
on your chest and back, which creates a percussion effect in
your lungs. The vibration helps dislodge the plugs and move them
out of the airways.

Although there are different ways to percuss, one of the best
ways is very simple. Picture Tarzan drumming his chest with both
fists as he yells.

This is actually an exercise that many of the oldtime physical
trainers and health enhancement specialists used to recommend to
their clients and students. Percussion is also an important tool
in Chinese, Korean and Japanese medicine and health practices.

Not only does it help clear out your lungs. The percussing and
yelling also generate a tremendous surge of energy in the body.

Try it for yourself. Don’t be too self-conscious. A minute or
two and you will see what I mean.

You can use percussion when and if you need to, when your lungs
are really gunked up, like from seasonal allergies or colds. You
can use this technique when you have been inactive for awhile.
Better yet, you can percuss once a week or once a month as a
preventative measure.

When your lungs are functioning normally, they clear out 70% of
the toxins and waste products your body produces.

When your lungs are compromised, for whatever reason, they need
more help from the other eliminative organs: kidneys, liver,
colon and skin.

This is one reason why it’s so important to drink a lot of
filtered water every day. The water helps all of these organs
do a more efficient job of processing and eliminating waste

A good habit to get into is to add some lemon or lime juice to
your water. Lemon juice in particular has a very cleansing
effect on the body.

A great time to drink it is first thing in the morning, when you
wake up, after you do your breathing exercises. Add a quarter
cup of lemon juice to 16 ounces of cold water.

Not only does it feel refreshing going down, it helps wake you
up too.

Turning now to your colon: a lot of problems people have with
allergies, sensitivities, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders,
and so forth, can be traced to inefficient elimination.

The more regular you are, and the faster you are at processing
and getting rid of waste, the healthier you are.

Here’s one famous example – and please forgive me Elvis fans!
I am a fan also, in fact I am looking at my favorite Elvis
clock I picked up in Las Vegas and bowing in apology as I write

When they performed the autopsy on Elvis Presley, they found over
40 pounds of fecal matter and gunk in his colon.

He basically ate, drank and drugged himself to the point that
his body could no longer process everything and his system went

Next tip, I’ll talk about what you can do to help clear out your
digestive system and colon. I’ll also discuss fasting and whether
it should have a place in your health regimen.

In the meantime, do some deep breathing every day. This simple
practice alone can have a dramatic impact on your energy levels,
quality of breathing, and general health.

You Can Do It!


P.S. Performing deep breathing every day, even for just a couple
of minutes, can have a profound impact on your lung health and
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Exercise Course, Volume 1; Invigorate and Rejuvenate
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do the exercises  in this program, you’ll open up the breathing
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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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