Taking Stock Before I Hit the Cattle Car

I’m sitting here on the waterfront in Miami, enjoying a libation
and some lunch before I have to head over to the airport.

Conference is over….meetings and presentations went fabulous.
Time to relax a bit before I have to submit myself to the “friendly

I cringe thinking about the travel ahead of me, the security
process where I disrobe, the lining up like cattle, the potential
(indeed probable delays). However, at the end of the day I will be
home with my family. The thought of that gives me a boost.

As I’ve been sitting here in a relaxed and expansive mood,
picking up the energy from the negative ions stirred up by the
water, I’ve just completed a little drill I do at least once a

I reviewed all of my goals for this year and compared where I am
– right now – in relation to each goal.

I occurs to me that we are less than one month away from the
vernal equinox — the point at which our days and nights are equal
in length.

(At least, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Apologies
to all of you “down under”.)

I love this time of year because the days are starting to get
longer. The sun is coming up a little earlier, staying out a little
later, and hitting its zenith in the sky a little higher, each

This is the time of year that people who suffer from SAD —
Seasonal Affective Disorder — can really hit rock bottom. As the
saying goes, “It’s darkest right before the dawn”. If you can hold
on for another month or so, you should be fine. Get outside and get
some sunshine on your face as often as you can.

The lengthening days serve as a reminder that we are moving into
the final month of the first quarter. The year is moving along as

Am I moving along toward my goals as planned?

Take a moment to reflect on your goals for this year. Some may be
bigger and require more effort than others. Some you may have
already achieved.

Pat yourself on the back for those you have achieved, or are on
target for. And renew your focus on those you are running behind
on, or haven’t done anything about.

The most common goal at the beginning of each year is that of
losing weight and getting in shape.

Just about everyone I speak with wants to do better, look better
and feel better.

From my experience working with people, right now is the time of
year when many people’s weight loss or fitness programs have hit
a wall — usually a large brick wall.

Talk to any gym owner, and he or she will tell you that the
massive crowds present in January have started to dwindle.

Only two months into it, and most people have folded.

If this describes you, take heart. It’s common. And it doesn’t
mean defeat — not for you.

Many people just sort of give up at this point. Be one of the ones
who doesn’t give up. If what you were doing didn’t work for you,
take some time to figure out why.

Maybe you tried to do too much, too soon. Maybe you were following
the wrong program. Or perhaps it just didn’t excite you enough to
want to stick with it. If what you’re doing ain’t working….or if
you never really got started to begin with….then start fresh right
now. Today is a new day. Focus on your goal, focus on your plan
for what you will do to achieve it, and get going.

You Can Do It!


P.S. Even if weight loss isn’t one of your priorities for this year,
I bet that improving your fitness and health ranks right up there.
If so, be sure to leverage the programs offered at the Best Breathing
Exercises web site (http://www.BestBreathingExercises.com). Its not
too late to feel better, be better, and do better in 2011.

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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