Carpe Diem

Spring isn’t quite sprung yet…but it’s beginning to emerge.

The longer days, the increased energy and warmth from the sun as
it tracks higher and higher across the sky, the first green shoots
from dormant plants and trees….provide us with that sense of
anticipation of good things to come.

This morning, after I did my breathing and energy exercises
outdoors in the fresh air and early morning sunshine, I found
myself thinking about a common and frequent cycle in our lives:
that of renewal or recovery from some failure, circumstance, or
lack of action on our part.

I’m sure you have had the experience of starting some project, or
setting some goal for yourself. You start off very enthusiastic
and committed to taking action.

After awhile, you may lose steam. You become less enthusiastic, or
an event or series of events throw you off course. You begin to
drift and not apply much, if any, energy to your goal or project.

You may get angry with yourself. You may feel sick and tired of
your present condition.

So you start anew. And you begin again with positive expectations
and enthusiasm.

Even if you’ve experienced this start – stop – start cycle, over
and over again, don’t give up hope. Don’t stop beginning again.

There’s no law or unwritten rule that says you can only try
something so many times, then you have to stop. You can try as
many times as you want, or need, to attain success.

I think this is an important message right about this time of
year, when your enhthusiasm and follow through on your important
goals may be waning a bit.

Several weeks ago, my son Miguel and I watched a documentary on
the great football coach, Vince Lombardi. We’ve all heard or read
so many Lombardi quotes over the years. But there was one moment
in the  program that I found fascinating.

After a stunning defeat, when the Packers lost a Super Bowl game
they were favored to dominate, Lombardi responded to reporters’
requests for a comment by saying, “We didn’t get beat. We just
ran out of time.”

Don’t let your enthusiasm wane either.

As you start toward your goal again, you may be saying the right
things and doing the right things. But, in the back of your mind,
a little voice may be saying, “Here we go again. We feel great
about this new beginning, but just wait a little while. This too
will fizzle out.” I know all about it, because I’ve heard this
voice of doubt from time to time.

Here’s my advice: ignore that voice.

Enjoy your new beginning. Allow yourself to be enthusiastic about
this fresh start. Because who knows, this time it may “stick”.

My high school class motto was, “Today is the first day of the
rest of your life.” It’s a well-known quote. I always thought it
was a little corny, but…I remembered it all these years, so it
must have resonated somewhere in my psyche.

One of my friends has modified it to, “Today could be the LAST
day of the rest of your life.” He claims he is not being cynical.
Rather, he is emphasizing the “Carpe Diem” – Seize the Day –
message within the quote.

Each day can be a day of renewal. So seize it with enthusiasm
and gusto. Enjoy your “fresh start”.

You Can Do It!


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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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