Here’s a Simple But Powerful Type of Breathing

In today’s tip I will share with you a very simple but powerful
type of breathing which is wonderful for detoxifying the body,
clearing out your lungs, and making your breathing easier. 

Before we get started….

Did you know that each of your lungs is about the size of a
football. Or about the size of your hand, if you hold your hand
open. Because of the rich branching pattern inside, they have the
surface area of an entire football field! And they transfer oxygen
into your body, and wastes out of your body, with amazing

This is one reason why learning how to cultivate your breath can
be such a worthwhile endeavor. Just a small, incremental improvement
in your breathing can have tremendous results in terms of your
energy, mood and health!

So here we go. This exercise called the Cleansing Breath.

Actually, there are several breathing techniques or methods that
are referred to as “Cleansing Breath”. This is just one of them.
But I like this one the best. It’s  an adaptation of an exercise
I teach in the Secret Power of Dynamic Energy Exercise Course,
Volume II: The Dynamic Energy Routine

Here’s how you do it:

(1) Inhale a full, deep breath through your nose;

(2) Retain the air for a few seconds;

(3) Pucker up your lips as if for a whistle; then exhale a little
air through the opening. You should exhale sharply, with plenty
of vigor.

(4) Stop for a few seconds, holding your breath. Then exhale a
little more air. Repeat until you have exhaled all the air you
were holding.

Breathing in this way for only two to three cycles can really
refresh and invigorate you. Use it anytime you are feeling
lethargic or a bit under the weather.

It’s also a wonderful detoxifier — not just physically, but
emotionally and mentally as well.

Next time you are upset at someone or something, try three to
five repetitions of this exercise. You are literally “blowing
off some steam” when you do it.

I wager you’ll feel much better and will be able to move on
with your day without the emotional distraction or baggage.

One important point: this is a tough technique to do when you
are exercising. However, the same basic approach can be used
to help you recover and replenish your energy during physical

Simply blow out more of your air in the first, sharp exhalation.

In other words, inhale through your nose, then blow out the
air through your pursed (or puckered) lips, kind of like you
are trying to blow up a balloon.

Make sure your exhale is short and sharp. Don’t worry about
exhaling all the air. In fact, when you are exercising, it is
better to retain some measure of air in your lungs.

Think of it as cycling through inhalations and exhalations,
while always keeping a reserve.

If you are getting excessively short of breath or fatigued when
exercising, try this “sharp exhale” version of the cleansing
breath. It really helps you regain control over your breathing,
so you can continue with your activity.

Have a great weekend, my friend!

You Can Do It!


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For more details, head over to the Best Breathing Exercises website.

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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