You Don’t Have to Believe for This Stuff to Work

Some years back, I began to modify how I taught my personal
training clients.

I had always studied and followed the conventional exercise
paradigm, with a well-rounded program of strength training, cardio,
and stretching (and variations within each area).

Nothing wrong with that. In fact, this is a very effective way to
think about and organize a well-rounded fitness program.

But then I noticed that I was also performing deep breathing,
dynamic tension, and other energy flowing exercises, separately
from my core fitness regimen. And I was practicing martial arts
and doing specialized training for that.

I felt wonderful and was in great shape. Trouble was, there were
only so many hours in the day. I felt like I was having to cycle
too much between what I focused on.

I also realized that I wanted to introduce my clients to the
tremendously energizing and restorative effects of deep breathing
and energy exercises. But I had to fit this in with their existing
programs, in a way that did not involve additional investments of

To make the program as efficient and effective as possible, I
began to integrate breath training, breath control, and breathing
patterns into regular exercise.

For example, you can amplify and accelerate the effects of weight
training, bodyweight exercise, or aerobic exercise, with proper

And you can leverage the time you spend warming up, cooling down,
and stretching to perform basic energy exercises.

The result is a much more effective and efficient fitness regimen
that leaves you feeling energized, builds you up, and improves
mental clarity and focus — so you are more energetic and
efficient throughout your day. You also sleep more soundly and
awake more refreshed.

This was the genesis of what I came to call my Dynamic Energy
Exercise approach.

Here’s the good news: with the proper introduction and
instruction, it’s a pretty straightforward process to apply
this dynamic energy approach to your workouts or other

You don’t even have to believe in the concept of Ki or Chi
(internal energy), or energy flowing, to experience the
benefits for yourself.

All you have to do is try it.

For a great introduction, get the Secret Power of Dynamic
Energy Exercise Course, Volume 1: Invigorate and Rejuvenate
(available at the Best Breathing Exercises website )
Follow the directions, focus on your breathing, and gently
move through each exercise.

In only a few minutes, you will begin to feel different.
Relaxed but energized. Calm but focused. Like a weight has
been lifted.

And this is only the beginning of the wonderful benefits you
can realize by integrating this “dynamic” approach into your

You Can Do It!

Karen Van Ness

Best Breathing Exercises: Transform Body Mind and Spirit with
Dynamic Energy Exercise!”
Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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  • Your article deserves to be applauded as it makes us believe as it true. I follow a number of posts but I have never visited such an amazing blog before. Honestly speaking I cherish following your work as it gives me inspiration.And yes i have bookmarked your site .

    • Hi SMS,

      Thanks so much for your positive message. I appreciate your taking the time to comment and I am glad to hear you enjoy my posts. One of my purposes is to inspire people to actually take action on the information and ideas I provide. Thanks for bookmarking the site. You can also sign up for the RSS feed at Look forward to hearing from you again soon.

      Thanks again!

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