A Few Ways to Cultivate Positive Energy for Better Performance

The impact of positive energy on performance in remarkable.

Researchers at Berkeley have found that positive experience alters
brain size, IQ, and learning ability. Children of average
abilities, but high self-esteem, often perform better in school
than more intelligent kids with low self-esteem.

Positive energy can affect your physical performance as well.

Researchers have measured differences in strength and endurance
between subjects who tested higher for positive energy and

But how do you cultivate and increase your own levels of positive

Many people think that positive thinking is the key. If you are
a “glass is half full” (rather than half-empty) type of person,
you are thought to be a more positive and optimistic person.

I think this simplifies things a bit too much. Overall, I’m an
optimistic person…but I have my moments of doubt and negativity
once in awhile too. And I know a few people who see the negative
in just about everything…but surprise me with their refreshingly
upbeat responses whenever a crisis hits.

At any rate, the description I like best is attributed to Winston
Churchill, who said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every
opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

You can approach the cultivation of positive energy in different

For many people, their religious and spiritual beliefs, and
accompanying rituals, help instill optimism and energy.

For others, reading or listening to self-development literature
or CDs, and working on self image and thinking positively the
majority of the time, help  them cultivate more energy.

For others, throwing themselves into a worthwhile cause and
helping others stirs positive feelings and leaves them energized.

But there is a less appreciated way to automatically and naturally
cultivate more positive energy: your breathing.

You see, sometimes the other methods can fail you. Some days
you just don’t feel positive, aren’t able to truly think positive,
and have just about had it with all the crap going on.

If you care about your performance at work, or as a parent,
spouse or friend, you want to get out of this negative state
as quickly as possible. (Although I have to say, some people
seem to enjoy being in a negative state most of the time.)

When you aren’t positive mentally or emotionally, you can always
get yourself back into a positive energy state with a few minutes
of deep breathing.

If you’re having trouble “seeing the bright side”, and your regular
methods aren’t quite getting you back to a positive energy state, try
some deep breathing.

You Can Do It!

Karen Van Ness

“Best Breathing Exercises: Transform Body Mind and Spirit with
Dynamic Energy Exercise!”

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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  • Whether it is a speech to rally the troops or a somber story to tell the tale of a loved one positive energy is what moves each and every one of us to believe in ourselves and take action more than were that energy not around. Lets see now how that positive energy can be used for your own life and to help others…Positive Energy is important for one who seeks to be happy and successful. I do not wish to discuss the negative energy that some people have .leading them to do unspeakable acts but rather what positive energy entails how positive energy can enable you to influence others help others succeed and help yourself …

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