Powerlessness versus Control – Which Do You Prefer?

Each of us feels powerless at one time or the other.

And that powerlessness can cause frustration and even anger to
well up inside of us. Unless you find an outlet, those negative
emotions can gnaw away at your mental and physical health.

The feeling of powerlessness — of not being in control of the
things that directly impact your life — has been shown to be a
major cause of depression. Many studies have linked illness,
weakened immune response, anxiety, and even premature aging to
the frustration and anger that lack of control can cause.

But wait a minute. Do you really lack control?

Yes, there may be people or events you can not fully control.
Your boss may be a bigtime jerk. Events occur, usually at the
worst possible time. Your schedule may be so packed with work and
personal responsibilities that you never feel like you have a
single minute to yourself.

But you definitely have control over one thing, which happens to
be the most important thing.

You control your response to everything going on in your life.

And focusing on your response, making it more constructive, is
an immediate and effective way to assert control and chip away
at those feelings of powerlessness.

One of the best ways to establish control, and respond more
calmly and constructively to the challenges of life, is through
your breathing.

Breathing properly can help you calm down, get centered and get

In fact, it’s so powerful that entire systems of martial arts
have been built around specific types of breathing. Being able
to attack with power, focus and accuracy; and being able to
defend and counter effectively, with minimal expenditure of
movement or energy — require tremendous focus and a calm

If something works in the heat of battle, imagine how well it
can help you when you are “fighting fires” in your personal

If you would like an excellent introduction to putting this
power to work for you, then get a copy of the Secret Power of
Dynamic Energy Exercise Course
 . Within minutes, you’ll discover how much better it feels to
be in control, versus feeling out of control and powerless.

You Can Do It!


“Best Breathing Exercises: Transform Body Mind and Spirit with
Dynamic Energy Exercise!”

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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