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In my previous blog post, we discussed the importance of keeping things simple
when you are beginning a fitness program.

If you’re trying to get in better shape…trying to get BACK into
shape after months or years of relative inactivity…or thinking
about getting back into shape…focus on three key numbers:

(1) Your weight

(2) Your waist size

(3) Your body fat percentage (or, alternatively, your lean
mass percentage).

I also mentioned a “magic ingredient” you should add to your “get
into awesome shape” program.

When sprinkled in and over your efforts, this ingredient will
almost guarantee good results.

What is it?

It’s enthusiasm.

Did you know the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek “en theos”,
which means “filled with the divine” or “God within”?

When you get excited about your life and your work, you bring a
powerful , divine energy to everything you do. And when you are
excited about something, you attract other people to your cause
as well. They want to be around you because enthusiasm is a
winning feeling, a warm feeling, a fun feeling.

Enthusiasm is power. With faith, it can transform adversity,
failure, or temporary setbacks into action – action that moves
you forward toward your goals and dreams.

Seems like many of us in our 40’s and 50’s often lose the
enthusiasm we recall from our youth. It can be hard to muster
up excitement and energy. It’s easy to get caught up in the
schedule, the to-do’s, the responsibilities….and lose sight of
our ultimate vision for our lives, as well as the importance of
having some fun along the way.

For example, it becomes easy to make excuses for not exercising

“Too busy…change in schedule messed up my day…no energy at the
end of the day”. And we forfeit one of the most effective ways
to supply energy and enthusiasm into our lives.

Yes, exercising regularly – even for short to moderate amounts
of time – can have a huge impact on your energy levels, your
productivity, your confidence, and your mood. Once you embark
on a program of regular, consistent exercise – even if it’s
only 15 minutes a day – something changes inside you.

It’s tough to put your finger on. But the constructive change
you achieve by exercising regularly, as a daily habit, results
in a feeling of control, of power, of charting your own positive
destiny. In turn, this feeling permeates the rest of your life.

I can’t tell you how many people I have spoken with over the
years who have told me how much more productive they are when
they exercise regularly. And how much more confident they feel.

And guess what.

This observation often comes from people who still need to lose
weight. They aren’t even close to their ultimate goal. Yet they
feel like something mysterious and wonderful has “turned on”

You can turn on this mysterious power for yourself.

It only takes a small investment of time and effort to do so.
But it’s an investment that will reward you time and again
throughout your life.

You Can Do It!


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2 thoughts on “Turn On Something Positive Inside

  • Being on shape is every woman’s dream. That’s why it’s good enough to know that such an article as this exist. I hope to see more like this article so that I can be in great shape without getting a bit hard on myself with all those slimming pills and all. All in all, I really think I can make on with thinking positive and being an enthusiast.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for your comment! You are correct, it’s important NOT to be so hard on yourself, in terms of putting yourself down so you get de-motivated. Take that frustration and change it into positive energy that drives your enthusiasm. Then you will begin to take the actions that help move you toward your goal to be in great shape. And, based on my own experience, this will help you enjoy the process even more. Best wishes!


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