More On Your Inner Smile

In my last post, I taught you a little about the Inner Smile

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This is a Taoist energy practice of smiling into the body, and
into specific body parts, to help promote positive energy and
emotions, as well as healing.

I took you through the steps to smile into your heart. Today I’ll
give you the colors and emotions associated with the other
important organs.

But first, let me give you a little more background on the theory
behind the Inner Smile.

Many people live their lives through a patina of stress, anger,
depression, worry, fear, and other types of negative energy.
The Inner Smile helps counteract this by generating a high level
of positive energy that can heal and transform.

We all know that a genuine smile transmits positive, loving
energy. You know how you feel when someone smiles at you in a
sincere way.

Think of the sheer joy you feel when your loved one smiles at
you, or your child is smiling and laughing while at play.

Throughout the ages, energy disciples and masters have recognized
the power of smiling energy. For thousands of years, Taoist
masters have practiced the Inner Smile to help promote energy
and achieve health, happiness, and a longer life.

In the west, we have long known that the smile and the energy
it can generate is an important component of personal power.

When you are relaxed and calm and smile, you can generate and
maintain optimal levels of energy.

So, following the same breathing and visualization pattern I
shared with you in my previous post, put a smile on your
face, smile into each of your organs, and picture your organs
smiling back at you.

Here is the color and the emotion you should associate,
visualize and feel as you breathe and smile into each organ:

-Heart: see deep, rich red (like a rose); feel love, joy and

-Lungs: see bright white; feel courage;

-Liver and gallbladder (located on the right side of your
abdomen under your lowest ribs): see green mist; feel kindness;

-Spleen and pancreas (located on the left side of your
abdomen under your lowest ribs, kind of behind your stomach):
see bright yellow; feel fairness;

-Kidneys and bladder (kidneys are in your back, left and right
of your backbone and just under the lower part of your ribcage):
see bright blue, feel gentleness.

Practice 4 to 8 breaths with each organ. Keep a smile on your
face and keep smiling into your organs. Picture them smiling
back at you.

As you smile and breathe, picture and feel your organs at full
health and power. Allow yourself to feel the emotions.
Relax and enjoy them.

Then take them with you into your day.

You Can Do It!

Karen Van Ness
“Best Breathing Exercises: Transform Body Mind & Spirit with
Dynamic Energy Exercise”

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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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