Follow Your Body’s Wisdom for Better Breathing, Faster Weight Loss

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

This well known phrase has been a staple of nutritional advice
since the 1700’s, when it was coined by Benjamin Franklin.

I’ve been told by friends from other countries that they have their
own originator of this little piece of advice. Ben was a pretty
smart guy, though, so my money is on him as the “original”

Regardless of who first said it, this is valuable advice for all
of us.

When it comes to breathing, you should know that some recent
studies have shown that eating one apple per day can help improve
lung function by keeping the airways open and clear.

Eating apples can also help with weight loss.

As I recall, a few years back there was a program called the
“Apple Diet”, or something like that, which became somewhat
popular for awhile. I normally avoid and ignore the fad diets
that seem to proliferate, especially around this time of year.

But this diet was actually on to something.

The basic approach of the diet is to eat an apple before every
meal. This helps reduce your appetite so you eat less. Also, the
malic acid in apples is thought to help with weight reduction.

The Vitamin C found in apples and other fruits and vegetables
contributes to improved airway function. It’s an antioxidant and
helps reduce inflammation. Vitamin C also contributes to tissue

Yet another reason to eat more fruits and vegetables!

Just in case you need it, here’s one more reason:

A number of doctors, including specialists in complementary
medicine, believe that overconsumption of foods, in particular
refined carbohydrates, can negatively affect your breathing.

The culprit is too much insulin in the body.

The body secretes insulin as part of the digestive process. If
you eat too much, or eat the wrong kinds of foods, your body
secretes excess amounts of insulin to help break down the food.

Insulin has been shown to produce bronchoconstrictors, which
narrow your airways and make breathing more difficult. It can
also restrict blood flow in the lungs, which reduces oxygen
flow at the cellular level.

By the way, excess insulin is also associated with weight
gain – as in fat gain and fat deposition in all the wrong

So, if you want to make your breathing worse (and/or get
fatter), eat an excessive amount of refined carbs such as cakes,
cookies, white bread products, and so forth.

If you would like to improve your breathing, AND improve your
body composition – both of which go hand in glove with improved
energy, focus, productivity, health and longevity — eat more
healthy foods…like apples.

Here’s a simple way to control spikes in insulin: always pair
a portion of protein with a portion of carbohydrate in every
meal and snack. Also, include healthy fats in at least two
meals per day.

The protein and healthy fats help prevent insulin spikes that
would otherwise be caused by the carbs. Eating foods rich in
fiber also helps reduce the insulin response.

I discuss what I call the “complete meal” approach, as well as
other powerful nutrition strategies, in the “Fire Up Your
Metabolism” Program, available at the Best Breathing site.

It’s not a diet plan.

It’s simply some common sense principles and strategies to help
you eat more intelligently without feeling deprived. AND
without having to measure and weigh portions, count calories,
keep track of grams of carbohydrates, and so forth.

If you are serious about improving your energy levels and health,
take a hard look at your eating habits.

When you’re younger, your body has such vast reserves of energy.
It can function well no matter what you put into it.

As you get older, your body starts to rebel against the poor
nutritional choices you may have been making. It begins to
assert its own wisdom.

Best that you listen to it!

Your body will guide you in the right direction, if you will
just pay attention.

You Can Do It!


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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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