To Lose Weight, Stop Dieting

If you want to get into great shape, or back into shape, you’ll
find your best friends are a solid set of goals. Weight goals
(including interim milestones as well as your ideal weight); weight
loss (or more accurately, fat loss) goals, waist size, etc. You
can also set more subjective goals such as fitting into your
old jeans, looking great in your bathing suit, and so forth.

These types of goals can motivate you because you are “beginning
with the end in mind” and are visualizing yourself looking fabulous
in those jeans.

When we decide to lose weight, many of us fall into the trap of
radical or fad dieting.

I know because I have done this myself in the past, as have my
friends, as have many with whom I have worked.

Problem is, most people (as in 99%) crash and burn with this type
of approach.

So, in an effort to dissuade you from starting that crazy diet
you have in mind, I’d like to introduce a little rationality.

An important step towards lasting weight loss, as well as better
health, is to take an honest look at what you are eating. But the
key is not to focus on what you can’t have.

The key is to focus on eating more of the healthy foods: berries,
fruits and vegetables; lean meat and poultry (organic if possible);
fish; eggs; nuts and seeds; organic dairy, especially yogurt and
cottage cheese; and whole grain breads and cereals.

Don’t deny yourself any particular food (unless you have allergies
to it). Saying you “can’t eat chocolate cake” inevitably causes
you to crave it…until you feel like tearing into an entire cake
in one sitting.

On the other hand, allowing yourself a piece of chocolate, perhaps
with a cup of coffee or tea as an endpoint to a meal, can keep you
feeling satiated and happy.

Especially us women. We need our chocolate. Guys tend to lean
more toward cookies. So have a cookie or two, if that’s what
makes you happy.

Here’s a key point: don’t think about diets or dieting any more.

Instead, think “eating plan”.

“Diet” includes the word “die”. It’s associated with deprivation
and hardship.

On the other hand, “eating plan” sounds more like something good,
something to build you up, give you more energy, and make you

Plan out your meals for each day (at a high level at least), and
fill your plate and stomach with healthy foods. Focus on feeding
yourself well.

View what you eat in the context of building yourself up — your
health, your vitality and energy levels, your muscles, and so

If you are an athlete, have a hectic schedule, or are dealing
with a chronic health condition, you especially need to view the
food and drink you are taking into your body as part of your
overall program to build yourself up and gain (or regain) strength
and stamina.

Set a goal of eating well 75% of the time. See how you do and, more
importantly, how you feel. Eating well most of the time, but not
expecting perfection or adherence to a strict diet, gives you the
leeway you need. When you don’t have to adhere perfectly to a diet,
you will find that you stick to your eating plan.

Later, as you get a grip on things AND experience some results,
you will find you are motivated to eat well 80%, or even 90%, of
the time.

I know this flies in the face of “dieting” conventional wisdom,
which dictates that you can’t get into good shape and good health
without deprivation, denial, food restrictions, and so forth.

But you know what? That deprivation stuff works for a very, very
small percentage of people. The rest of us may lose some weight.
But eventualy we gain it all back again, and then some.

More importantly, we end up being obsessed with food and our

If you’ve been on this treadmill, make the decision today to hit
STOP, step off, and embrace a more rational plan. Along with
exercise, this the most important step you can take to get in
shape and ensure robust health and energy.

You Can Do It!


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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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