Prevention Versus Problems

They say that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to “sell”
prevention to people.

We don’t respond to appeals based on preventing disease or health
problems, because we think they won’t happen to us….OR the
possibility seems so far off in the future, we just can’t get too
worked up about it.

But when the you-know-what hits the fan, and you are faced with a
health crisis – boy, does that get your attention.

You’ve probably faced a health crisis of your own. Perhaps it was
becoming overweight. Or being diagnosed as pre-diabetic or diabetic.
Or finding out you have high blood pressure.

It could be anxiety, which everyone experiences from time to time,
which suddenly becomes overwhelming and limits your ability to

When you reached this point, chances are you were in disbelief.
Especially if you had experienced no major health problems prior
to the diagnosis.

I remember how incredulous I was when I was first diagnosed with
asthma. And I hear this from many people who write in. They can’t
believe it when they find out they have a chronic disease such as
asthma, or high blood pressure, or diabetes.

One typical reaction is to go into denial, at least to a certain
extent. Many people diagnosed with very treatable illnesses or
health problems don’t take them seriously, so they may not take
their medications or follow recommendations on lifestyle changes.

Doctors complain quite a lot about compliance – or more accurately,
non-compliance  – with the medical and lifestyle regimens which
they recommend to their patients.

Hence the issue with prevention.

We often know what we should and could be doing. But we remain in
a state of denial. We have trouble visualizing what the long-term
outcomes could be for us if we don’t get in gear and make changes.
So we push off to tomorrow what we could be doing for ourselves

Well, I know better than to fight against the current. The
programs available through the Best Breathing Exercises web site
are designed to help you improve your breathing, your fitness and
your health, as well as help you bust through any limitations that
current conditions or challenges may be placing on your life.
(Visit to learn more.)

But – and perhaps I shouldn’t say this,’cuz I’ll blow the secret –
everything in my programs is also congruent with the most effective
and proven habits and practices that can help you achieve more
robust health and avoid or prevent illness and disease.

Whether you want to lose weight, or are looking for relief from
stress, high blood pressure, chronic pain, or anxiety….What I
teach and share with you will help you in your efforts to
transform your health and enjoy a more fulfilling life. It can
even help you age more gracefully.

Here’s a remarkable fact: researchers have determined that less
than one third of the loss of physical function and mental acuity
as we age is due to heredity, or our genes. More than two thirds
is due to lifestyle habits.

Habits such as regular physical activity, eating well, watching
your weight, getting enough sleep, and not smoking, can help you
live longer – AND have more vim and vigor throughout your time on
the planet.

You Can Do It!


“Best Breathing Exercises: Transform Body Mind and Spirit with
Dynamic Energy Exercise!”

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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