Save Yourself From the Scrap Heap

“Many men and women go to the human scrap heap….They have not
known just how to pump the human bellows – the lungs; get energy
out of every ounce of fuel, keep their arteries and veins clean,
kidneys and liver from being poisoned.”

That’s a quote from an old book on breathing.

Even in the “old days”, when the importance of breathing for good
health was more widely accepted, the doctor who wrote this book
felt compelled to do so. He was concerned about the diseases and
conditions he observed in his patients, as well as the people
around him.

Today, it seems like we are even more removed from the natural
healing and invigorating results of proper breathing.

I think a lot of this has to do with the advent of modern medicine
and all the wonderful medications and drugs that have been

Coming down with a cold? First action for many people is to take
medicine to help tamp down the symptoms.

Got a headache? Take two aspirin, or extra strength this or that.

There’s even a headache product you roll on your forehead, like
deodorant. Not sure how it works, but the commercials sure are

I’m very grateful for the wonder drugs and medicines that help
relieve our illnesses, whether acute or chronic. They have
reduced much suffering and helped alleviate much pain and
discomfort. But they have also caused us to forget about our own
natural instincts and move away from more natural
methods of handling illness and pain.

They tend to make us focus on the symptoms, and treat those,
rather than determine the cause of the symptoms and truly get
to the root of the problem.

If you have headaches on a regular basis, taking aspirin or
Tylenol may help you get through your day. But you better be
concerned about what is causing those headaches, and what you
can do to prevent them.

One chronic illness that hits home with me is asthma. When I was
first diagnosed, I was totally into the “give me medicine, and
more medicine, until this thing is controlled”. Problem was,
the more medicines I took, the worse my health became.

Mortality rates from asthma are increasing in modern times,
compared to times when they did not have asthma medications.

Why is that?

Given all the fancy medicines used to treat asthma, shouldn’t
mortality rates be declining? What did the oldtimers know, and
do, that we don’t?

One thing they knew about was the importance of deep breathing,
and regularly practicing proper breathing and getting lots of
fresh air.

As a (former) asthma sufferer, I made it my mission to find a
better way to overcome my asthma and get healthy again. That
initially self-centered motivation to gain back my health and
energy lead me to learning more and more about the power of
our breath. I placed more focus in my own training on breathing
and energy disciplines.

And I began to share my knowledge and experience with hundreds –
actually at this point, thousands – of others who, like you,
also want to improve their health, energy and sense
of control.

Seems simple, but it’s true: you can live longer and live better
by knowing how to breathe properly.

Learning – and regularly performing – proper breathing is almost
an art in itself. But it’s actually not hard to do.

It just takes a little time and patience. But I encourage you
to take the time to breathe. It’s time well invested.

As the good doctor said, “Save yourself from the scrap heap!”

You Can Do It!


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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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