This Is Better Than Aerobics

Warning: before you kick off your New Year’s resolution to work out and get in better shape, please read this message. It could save you a lot of time, wasted energy and frustration.

Did you know that your lung capacity is the best predictor of how long you will live?

A number of studies, including the very highly regarded Framingham Heart Study (which has been going on for over 50 years), have found that lung capacity is the best predictor of longevity.

The bigger your lungs, the more air they can process, the longer you live. Unfortunately, once you hit your 30s, your lung capacity begins to decline. In fact, depending on how active you remain, by the time you hit 70 you’ll lose about 50 percent of your lung capacity.

In order to improve and preserve lung capacity, you’ve got to build up a reserve of capacity.

You may think this means jumping into an aerobic exercise program.


Aerobic exercise to a certain point is OK. But unless you are a marathon runner, there is no need to do that much aerobic exercising.

You will make a superior investment of time if you focus on your breathing exercises; perform shorter, more intense interval training two to three times per week; and include two brief, well-rounded strength training sessions per week.

In fact, you can even program your strength training so that it provides strength and lean muscle building effects while also giving you the cardiovascular work you need to improve lung capacity.

The truth is, aerobics can actually decrease lung size. Sure, your lungs may become more efficient. But their overall capacity declines.

On the other hand, focusing directly on your breathing – as with the exercises in the Secret Power of Dynamic Energy Exercise Course, Volume II: The Dynamic Energy Routine is the surest way to build lung capacity.

These exercises tone and strengthen the muscles and structures that support healthy, proper breathing. Proper breathing can also  lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and help you burn more calories.

Bottom line: you don’t have to subject yourself to long, boring bouts of “cardio” or aerobic exercise.

Whether you’re overweight and need to lose some L-B’s….or you are trying to gain weight and are having trouble putting on lean mass….a solid program of deep breathing, intervals and well-rounded resistance training is the way to go for optimal results.

You Can Do It!


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