Jump Start Your Fitness Program From the Inside Out

How balanced is your health and fitness program?

Are you hitting all the important areas, such as strength, stamina,
flexibility, and diet.

It’s easy to get into a rut when you’ve been exercising for
awhile. And if you haven’t been exercising, you will probably
re-start your program doing pretty much the same things you were
doing before.

In my experience, most people tend toward a certain type of
exercise which dominates their training time and energy.

The two major camps are strength training versus aerobics. Seems
like many people either run, work out on the elliptical or
treadmill, or do aerobics or zumba or whatever the latest fad
is…or they tend to hit the weights.Sometimes a little
stretching is thrown in for good measure.

It’s important to ensure some balance and variety in your

After all, variety is the spice of life. If you keep doing the
same type of workout, over and over again, you get diminishing
(or even disappearing) results.

You will also get bored. Which means it’s more likely you will
quit your program, especially when you hit the inevitable

On the other hand, when you have some balance in your training,
you’ll find that you are more enthusiastic about it. Changing
the combination or order of elements in your workout can add a
wonderful dimension. The variety keeps you (and your body)
guessing and craving more.

When it comes to fitness and health programs, one area most
people ignore is their breathing.

You should devote part of your time to the cultivation of
breath control and power. Making a small investment of time in
dynamic energy exercises – like the ones I teach you in “The
Secret Power of Dynamic Energy Exercise Course, Volume II”

will enhance the results you get from exercise, as well as your
internal energy and focus.

Breathing is the direct and instantaneous way to tap into the
life force, the vital energy that flows through each of us.

Performed properly, deep breathing coupled with dynamic
exercises is a powerful method for accessing and flowing your
internal power.

Doing these exercises strengthens your body from the inside
out, and has a more profound and lasting effect.

From a purely practical standpoint, this type of dynamic deep
breathing helps develop breath control, expand the capacity
of the lungs, and build stamina. It improves posture. It also
develops the diaphragm, abdominal and other core muscles in
such way that they are strong and coordinated – a key to
developing power for movement, as in athletics, martial arts,
even activities of daily living.

This type of dynamic exercise creates harmony between the breath
and the physical. Not only are you strengthening the muscles
associated with breathing. You also are creating and
increasing a sense of harmony and relaxation across both mind
and body.

It’s health-giving and life-extending, and I strongly encourage
you to tap into the benefits that await you from investing just
a few minutes a day – or a few minutes at the start of your
regular workouts.

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“Best Breathing Exercises: Transform Body Mind and Spirit with
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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2013

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