The Final Two Keys To Success This Year

Here is the final installment in my three-part series on the 5 most
critical mistakes people typically make when starting a fitness or
weight loss program – AND how to avoid them so you stay on the
fast track to YOUR fitness and health goal this year.


The average fitness routine that incorporates strength training uses
primarily body building types of exercises that target individual
muscles. These are called “isolation” exercises because they focus
on developing hypertrophy of a single muscle, versus working the
muscle in concert with other muscles.

This is great for bodybuilding. But it’s not the most efficient or
effective way to train for strength.

For maximum efficiency, build your strength training around
compound, multi-joint movements. These types of movements train the
body in the way it actually has to perform in the “real world”.
They emphasize development of the large muscles that surround and
extend from the torso.

These muscles are your foundation. They are involved in just about
every movement. When developed properly, they support good posture,
help improve your breathing capacity, and enhance your energy

You can strength train with weights, machines, cables or tubes,
bodyweight exercises – or a combination. Excellent exercises
include various types of squats, lunges and pushups; bench or
dumbbell presses; overhead pushes and presses; rows; chinups and
dips; step ups; and so forth.

One of the beauties of these types of exercises is that they can
be adapted to your current capabilities. For example, if you are
unable to squat completely, you can perform quarter or half
squats and still reap tremendous benefit from the exercise.
Or you can use a small amount of support and practice sitting
down onto a chair and standing right back up again.

If you can’t perform a pushup, do pushups from your knees. Or
stand two to three feet from a wall and do pushups on the wall.

Just about any movement you perform in the activities of daily
living or in sports can be adapted to a strength training exercise.
The possibilities are endless. You can choose from a great variety
of exercises.

This keeps your body in a constant state of adaptation and keeps
you mentally fresh and challenged.


When you begin a fitness program, you may encounter periods of
frustration or lack of confidence.

Frustration can occur because of a perceived lack of progress.
Loss of confidence may be a manifestation of your dwelling too
much on your present shape or condition, or thinking about
previous fitness programs that you quit.

Here’s the best advice I can give you: forget about all that!

Instead, start thinking like this:

-The fact that you even began a fitness program, even if it’s
only for three days per week, 10 minutes per day, is cause for

-The fact that, for the most part (we all slip up now and then),
you are sticking to your program and working around obstacles,
such as time challenges, family commitments and work… well, you
deserve a reward. So recognize the positive, take action individual
you are becoming.

Remember, you are taking the most important step: “The first step
in a journey of a thousand miles”.

If you mess up and blow off your program for a day or a week, even
for a month, don’t fret too much. Don’t chastise yourself. Get
back into your program and your routine and look forward.

If you aren’t seeing progress as quickly as you expected, don’t
get frustrated and give up. The reality is, substantial and
truly lasting improvement takes some time to manifest itself.

The keys are consistency, patience, and enjoyment of the process.
Work to progress a little each week, and a little more each month.
You’ll be amazed and delighted at what you can achieve. You’ll
find yourself well along the path to robust, radiant health
and energy.

You Can Do It!


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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2013

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