Never Feel Like You Have Enough Time? Here’s Why

Do you have enough time?

Time to get your work done? Time to take care of your family. Time
to be with your family? Time to simply…”be”?

If you’re like most people, you feel like you never have enough
time for all the “must-do’s” and “want-to-do’s” in your life. So
you may focus on time management, working more efficiently, better
scheduling your day so you can “get more done”….

And that’s all to the good. However, most time management books,
courses and approaches basically focus on how to fit more things
into the same amount of time.


I’ve learned that’s the wrong way to think about things.

And in this and the next few email tips, I’d like to share the
evolution in my thinking about time management. It’s made such a
significant difference in my life – when I have applied this
approach – and I know it can make a big difference in your life

Here’s the single phrase I want you to remember. If nothing else
sticks or makes sense, this alone will make all the difference
in your world, if you think about it AND apply it:

“It’s About Energy, Not Time!”

When I first heard this, I realized “Yes!” It’s congruent with
so many things I have learned and experienced over the years.

However, I still didn’t completely get it, not until I put more
of the pieces together. And I still forget this sometimes and
fall back into the hamster wheel approach to life. (You know,
that big wheel the hamster runs on. The hamster can run as hard
and as fast and as long as it possibly can, but it never gets

But first, let’s review the issue of energy versus time. This
will help us better understand how energy management fits into
time management and our ability to achieve a better-rounded,
satisfying life – without feeling exhausted all the time.

Let me ask you something:

Are you always brimming over with energy and enthusiasm….and
maintaining that energy throughout the day, no matter how
demanding, crowded or crazy your day gets?

If you’re like most people, your answer ranges from “sometimes”
to “rarely” to “never”.

When I hear people complain about “never having enough time”, I
can almost always bucket their complaint into one of two reasons:
not enough time, or not enough energy. And the truth is, the
time complaint is usually related to a lack of energy too.

This energy equation is a big one. It’s a huge issue in everyone’s
life these days, when we all seem to have more to get done than
we have time. It’s one reason why I focus so much on providing
programs that help enhance energy. I know how difficult it is to
stick with a fitness program or eat well when you are feeling worn

Yet, we only have so much energy to put into each day. Being
able to harness, cultivate and manage your energy is a necessity
if you want to have a full, high quality, successful life. It’s
also absolutely vital to improving and maintaining good health and

The Four Types of Energy

We each have four types of energy to cultivate. They are:

-physical energy;
-mental energy;
-emotional energy;
-spiritual energy.

Physical energy provides the foundation for the other types of
energy. If your physical energy levels are low or depleted, your
mental and emotional energies will be negatively impacted. The
fastest way to improve your mental or emotional state is through
physical activity.

Mental energy is the energy of creativity, problem solving and
decision making. Your level of mental energy is a major determinant
in your quality of life.

Emotional energy is the energy of excitement and enthusiasm. This
provides the spark in your life. Negative emotional energy can be
a huge hindrance. Almost everything you say and do is affected by
your emotional state, either positive or negative.

Spiritual energy is derived from your deepest beliefs and highest
vision for your life. Regularly tapping into your spiritual energy
helps restore you and gives you perspective on what is really
important in life.

The reason why most people fail to realize their potential in
their life and work is because they fail to cultivate, wisely use,
and regularly restore their energy.

Most people burn up most or all of their emotional or mental
energies on a regular basis. At the same time, they don’t tap
enough into their store of physical and spiritual energy.

This imbalance leads to a failure to restore and rejuvenate, which
leads to a vicious cycle and that “hamster in the wheel” feeling.

You know that feeling of being totally depleted of energy and
enthusiasm. You quickly become irritable or thrown out of synch.
You eat poorly, don’t have the energy or time for physical activity,
and miss out on the sleep you need.

And you never seem to have time for yourself and for doing those
things that bring you happiness and joy.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. No matter how busy or stressed
you may currently feel, you can take some concrete steps to improve
your energy…better manage your energy levels…and leverage each
type of energy to help restore and enhance the others.

Which in turn will help you not only manage time, but transform time.

We’ll talk more about how in your next tip.

You Can Do It!


“Best Breathing Exercises: Transform Body Mind and Spirit with
Dynamic Energy Exercise!”

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2013

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