Here’s Where To Focus If You Want A Limber, Pain-Free Body

Are you interested in the easiest, quickest way to get a limber,
pain-free body?

How much more would you enjoy your day…how much more would you
move…how much more energy do you think you would have…if you
knew a sure-fire way to loosen those muscles and joints – and
keep them loose.

You can make massive improvements to your flexibility, and get a
limber, loose, pain-free body much more quickly than you might
think. It’s simply a matter of three things:

1. A little time, applied consistently;

2. The right approach; and

3. A relaxed, open mindset.

Doing a little bit of flexibility training each day, or every
other day, makes it become a habit. And this is one of those
activities which should naturally be a habit.

I mean, just watch how little kids move when they are playing.
They reach, they stretch, they roll. What happens to us as we
grow up? Why do we forget how to play and move like the kids do?

If you have pets, like I do, watch how your cats or dogs play.
Actually, better yet, watch how they stretch when they first
wake up or get up after lying down for awhile. Cats and dogs
routinely do two of the same stretches.

Here’s how our dog ZuZu does it:

Her first movement is to put all fours on the ground (duh! but
I’m saying that so you can replicate it as a human) and stretch
back onto her back legs, with her front legs fully extended and
her back arched.

This is called the downward dog in yoga. What a great stretch!

(By the way….I couldn’t get ZuZu to cooperate and pose in
her stretch positions for me when I tried to take her picture.
Here’s the next best thing: a couple photos of your truly
doing these two poses. I also included a picture of ZuZu,
your flexibility coach.)

ZuZu's first stretch - stretch AND tense as you move into the position
ZuZu’s first stretch – stretch AND tense as you move into the position

Then, ZuZu moves immediately into her second stretch. She
transfers her body weight to her front legs, which are kept
straight, and fully stretches out along the length of her
body, including her rear legs.

This is akin to the cobra from yoga.

ZuZus' second stretch - great for back tightness and pain!
ZuZus’ second stretch – great for back tightness and pain!

During both exercises, ZuZu stretches AND tenses at the point
of full stretch — this is what I discussed in my tip from
the other day. Tension AND stretching fully activates the
muscles and nerves, providing a better stretch as well as
strengthening and toning benefits.

Plus it feels really good.

With those two basic stretches – which she does several times
per day, throughout the day – ZuZu has just taught you an
extremely effective flexibility program.

I’m serious! Try this as an experiment:

Do these two stretches, several times a day, with several
repetitions of each. Recommended times are first thing in the
morning, after you wake up; one time during the day, when
you need a relaxation break; and in the evening, to help you
relax before you go to bed.

Make sure you stretch and flex and really feel your muscles.
Do three to 10 repetitions of each. Add in a set of 10 deep,
relaxed breaths right after you complete your stretches. And
that’s it!

Try this for three days in a row. Then email me and tell me
how you feel.

I’ll wager you will be amazed at how much looser and more
energetic these few exercises make you feel.

ZuZu, your flexibility coach
ZuZu, your flexibility coach

Why are these exercises so effective?

Well, one of the best ways to radically improve your
flexibility and limberness is to concentrate on exercises
that help loosen and relax your torso area – with emphasis
on the neck, shoulders, back, and butt muscles, as well as
the muscles in the back of your legs.

With a few well chosen stretches – including the two you just
learned from ZuZu – you can hit all of these areas in just a
few minutes.

If you have been inactive for awhile, or suffer from stress,
or just feel tight and restricted in your movement, focusing
on the torso area is especially important.

Most people manifest stress through tightening of the neck,
shoulder and back muscles, along with shallow breathing.
Your priority should be loosening and relaxing the muscles
that support breathing and good posture.

However, it’s not just the stretches you do. What really
makes the difference in your results is the WAY you stretch.

In Dynamic Flexibility: The Secret To Healthy, Pain-Free
Joints, Limber Muscles and Maximum Mobility
I teach you three superior stretching techniques that are
300% more effective than conventional stretching approaches.

You’ll also discover hwo to increase the effectiveness of
your stretching based on when you stretch.

It only takes about 12 to 15 minutes to fully, completely
stretch your entire body, including all the major joints and
muscles. You don’t need any machines, bands, balls, or
contraptions. My method is simple and natural.

Why not check out this program for yourself?

It’s 100 percent guaranteed – by me and by ZuZu. You have
everything to gain, and nothing to lose – except maybe
teh tightness and stress you’ve been carrying around.

You Can Do It!


“Best Breathing Exercises: Transform Body Mind and Spirit with
Dynamic Energy Exercise!”

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2013

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