We’re At The Midway Point of the Year. How Are You Doing?

Did you know that, every 6 to 7 months, every cell in your body is

Just think, by late December, you will have an entirely new body
at the cellular level.

We’re just past the midway point of this year. How are you doing?

Have you achieved some of the goals you set for yourself? Are you
making progress toward other goals and objectives that ultimately
lead to your dreams, and the ideal life you visualize for yourself?

If not, what’s going on? What has been keeping you from making the
progress you’d like to make?

Believe it or not, you’ve still got plenty of time for course
correction, plenty of time to get it together and reach those
goals…or make the significant progress toward them that is the
true definition of success.

Our body’s renewal at the cellular level clues us in to a great way
to think about the rest of this year.

Instead of thinking only of what you want to accomplish, or what
you have to get done…think also in terms of renewal.How can you
begin to renew yourself; to become the person you want to be; to
do the things you want to do; to move closer to the life you

How can you get that old energy and enthusiasm back; or get it to
begin with, if you never had it?

Many people – myself included – often look at their progress, or
lack thereof, and chastise themselves.

You probably do this too.

You dwell on your inability to stay focused, to be self-disciplined.
You wonder, “Why, why, why do I continue to procrastinate on
important things, even though I know getting them done will
make such a huge difference in my life?”

Not to sound like a softie, but….Stop being so hard on

Chastising yourself will not get you anywhere.

Better to honestly assess how you’ve handled certain things
during the first half of the year, and figure out – again,
honestly – the specific things you need to change or do
differently to get back on track.

As you do this, try out this idea which as helped me a lot in
transforming bad habits or developing new, good habits:

As you think about an unwanted habit, such as eating too
much, or procrastinating on important projects, or wasting
energy on negative thinking….approach it constantly with
this question:

“Will this thing I am about to do (or think) strengthen me
or weaken me?”

If what you are about to do – gobble down some cookies;
blow off the hour of focused work you said you would do;
react negatively to a new idea – will weaken you….then
don’t do it.

Step away from the ledge. Take a deep breath or two. Tell
yourself you’re better than that.

If what you are about to do – eat a salad instead of potato
chips at lunch; coax yourself into that project by committing
to work just 15 minutes on it; open your mind and heart to
considering that new idea or new approach – will strengthen
you….give it the green light, jump right in and – as they
say here in Texas – “Git ‘er done!”.

Key point: How you envision or position your actions (do
they strengthen me or weaken me?), and how you talk to
yourself about your desires and goals, has a massive, albeit
unconscious, impact on the quality of your actions…and
therefore on the quality of your results.

Don’t think in terms of denial, discipline, gotta get
going, etc., etc.

Think in terms of renewal, getting better, getting stronger.

I’ll finish up with one of my favorite quotes from Bruce Lee –
one that I first read as a young girl and have tried to
follow during much of my life:

“Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for
expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a
quality human being is the sincere and honest development
of one’s potential.”

You Can Do It!

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