Too Many People Neglect This – and It Could Make All the Difference

Exercise is truly the fountain of youth for your body.

But with all the choices and recommendations out there, exactly
what type of exercise should you focus on to help you stay the
youngest, the longest?

You’ll hear different answers to this from different sources. But
it’s become clear that one area of training in particular wins
the “fountain of youth” prize, hands down.

Ironically, this is the one area that has not been emphasized
that much in the past.

I’m talking about strength and resistance training.

That’s right, lifting weights, performing bodyweight exercises,
and even good old fashioned dynamic tension / resistance exercises,
are the type of training that can really keep your body young.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not discounting the importance of
maintaining good aerobic fitness. And doing some stretching and
flexibility exercises is important too.

But strength training is often ignored, or de-emphasized,
especially as people get older.

I’m lucky because I had several influences in my training, from
early on, who drilled into me the importance of strength training.
So I always made it a priority in my training.

First, my track coach in college – known affectionately as
“The Whale” – had us do 5 sets of 5 repetitions in heavy, basic
exercises, every other day (with Saturdays and Sundays off).

We’re talking deadlifts, squats and bench. That’s all we did.
Because he said that’s all we needed to do when it came to

We did other exercises too, such as some clean and presses (a
more dynamic way of lifting), plyometrics, skill training,
and so forth.

But The Whale was a huge believer in the beneficial effects of
just a few basic, multi-joint exercises which worked multiple
areas of the body at one time – the way your body is supposed
to work.

He knew whereof he spoke. At that time he was well into his
40s, maybe even 50, and was a Master level champion in the
hammer throw and shot put.

Plus he had a great body!!

Even my football player friends said he could probably kick their

A few years later, after I re-engaged in my martial arts training,
I read a book by Hee Il Cho, a famous Tae Kwon Do master who is
well known for his awesome kicks, jump kicks and breaking stunts.

In this book, Master Cho covered various aspects of training and
conditioning. He was one of the first martial arts masters to
advocate the importance of weight training as a supplement to
martial arts training. In fact, he said “Weight training is truly
the fountain of youth”.

So here was another master, well into his 40s, at the top of his
game and with a great physique.

Hmmm…I was detecting a trend here.

Now let’s fast forward to 2013. Earlier last year, I was browsing
in this used bookstore near us and found the book, “Biomarkers:
The 10 Determinates of Aging You Can Control” by William J. Evans
PhD and Irwin Rosenberg M.D. This book was published in 1991.

I remembered the title, but had never read the book. I was still
a young filly in 1991 and didn’t have time for a book about aging.

Anyways, as I read through the book, I was astounded to find…
yet another emphasis on strength training. This time by two

In a nutshell, muscle and strength are the key controllable
factors associated with aging – and conversely, with staying

For example, the good doctors summarized well-regarded, landmark
studies which showed that people past middle age could gain a huge
amount of muscle, as well as increase their strength by more than
200%, through a simple regimen of strength training.

As you can tell from the title of their book, Doctors Rosenberg
and Evans isolated the elements of vitality and better health
(for young and old alike) which can be altered by changes in
lifestyle. Here is how they prioritized them:

1. Muscle Mass
2. Strength
3. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
4. Boday Fat Percentage
5. Aerobic Capacity
6. Blood Sugar Tolerance
7. Cholesterol
8. Blood Pressure
9. Bone Density
10. Ability to Regulate Internal Temperature

Key point here: ALL of these “biomarkers” can be improved, to
impressive levels, through strength training.

So it turns out that Hee Il Cho and The Whale were right all

Despite these findings – and even more research and studies and
empirical evidence that have been completed since 1991 –
most people remain unaware of the importance of strength
training in their overall health and fitness regimen.

What’s almost as bad – and this really drives me nuts! – is
that, even when health professionals or the media DO talk about
strength training, they usually advocate wimpy types of programs
that don’t come anywhere close to providing the benefits you
could enjoy.

For those of us who are over 40, these are exactly the benefits
and results we NEED, especially as we get older!!

As I’ve said before, if you follow the conventional wisdom
conveyed by the powers that be – which is then repeated and
trumpeted in the media, like some bad game of telephone – you
will miss out on all the wonderful benefits you could be

I feel even more strongly about this today than I did 10 or 20
years ago.

Even though I emphasize the importance of breathing and energy
exercises and practices, I still want you to be informed about
other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

And I know you want to be smart about how you exercise. You want
a program that will work for you and get results.

However, you’re also busy, running hard, and maybe stressed. You
may not have the time or interest to troll through all the
different sources of information and advice, to come up with the
best possible approach to exercising.

You also don’t have all the time in the world to exercise. So
you need an approach that gets results with the least possible
investment of time.

For this reason, I wrote a special report called, “Ten Universal
Strategies for Optimal Fitness

This report is an easy-to-read, easy-to-apply distillation of
my many years of learning, experimenting, failing and succeeding
in the areas of health and fitness — both from my own training
and competitive career, as well as working with others.

I cover – in a very concise and hard-hitting way – the most
important elements of a rational, efficient, and effective
approach to getting fitter and feeling healthier than you
ever imagined.

If you’re just starting out and getting back into shape, or
perhaps beginning an exercise program for the first time, this
report will point you in the right direction and show you
exactly what to do to get maximum results.

If you’re already exercising and in pretty good shape, the
information in this report will help you take your fitness
program and results to the next level.

Just to be clear, my focus is from the point of view of us
“over 40” warriors. However, I know from my own experience
that there’s a lot you youngins can learn from your elders.

For example, I’ll be eternally grateful that I listened to
the Whale and Master Cho.

The strategies I share with you in the report are universal.
They are time-tested. They will work for you, no matter what
your current level of fitness is today.

And they will help you get results, fast.

Here’s just some of what is included in this report:

-Four key principles which are the heart of a rational and
effective fitness or training program. You don’t have to devote
hours and hours each day and week to get into kick-butt shape
and achieve a robust level of health. Following these principles
enables you to improve quickly and consistently over time.

-Six super strategies that tell you exactly what to do to build
up your stamina and vital capacity, strength, flexibility, and
confidence.You can leverage these strategies regardless of your
current level of fitness…and you’ll begin to feel and see
results within 7 to 14 days.

-How to prepare for and adapt your training to those times when
other factors – such as work or family obligations – may intrude
upon your program. You KNOW those times will happen, they always
do…and they can derail your best intentions.

But you don’t have to miss a beat. You CAN stay on course. I’ll
tell you how.

-How to adapt this approach to the activities and/or sports
that you may already participate in, or would like to take up

– I’ll also share several of my favorite and most effective
breathing and energy exercises, which help build up lung power
and internal energy. You can do them in just a few minutes each
morning to get a great start on your day…or before or after
your workout to enhance energy levels and performance.

-You’ll also discover how you can incorporate breathing into
your strength and aerobics training – it’s a natural, intuitive
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internal energies.

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P.S. Superior health and vigor are within your grasp – no matter
what your age or current condition! Let me show you how in my
newest special report, “Ten Universal Strategies for Optimal
Fitness”. The strategies I share with you are universal.
They are time-tested. They will work for you, no matter what
your current level of fitness is today.

This is an actual report that I will mail to you (not
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Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2014