Fun and Fascinating Exercise, Part 2

Smley Face iconCan you actually smile your way to better health, improved self-
confidence, enhanced energy levels, and peace of mind?

Two thousand years or so of experience says Yes!

In my previous message, I started you off on a fun and fascinating
exercise – The “Inner Smile” exercise which is foundational to
certain eastern energy practices, such as Chi kung (qi gong) and
certain meditation practices.

I like the Inner Smile technique because it’s an easy, natural
way to introduce higher level mental and psychological approaches
into your breathing practice.

As I mentioned before, the Inner Smile can get pretty complicated.
In fact, a number of chi kung techniques or approaches can get
complicated – sometimes so much so that they become almost
unusable, unless you plan on devoting your full time to their

However, over my years of learning, studying, practicing and
teaching, I have discovered that there is often a simpler,
more readily available, but equally energizing and empowering
way to approach the most beneficial techniques.

The Inner Smile is a really fun one, and therefore – again,
from experience – it’s one that you are more likely to practice
and do on a regular basis – not only because it’s easy and
enjoyable, but also because you will begin to reap benefits
within a short time.

I say it’s fun because you are using a power you already possess –
the ability to daydream. It’s fascinating, because the more you
relax, let go and play around with it, the better results you’ll

So remember: approach from a perspective of playfulness, positive
expectancy, and relaxation.

To recap quickly: once you’re relaxed and breathing into your
dan tien or lower abdomen, smile into that spot.

Actually picture a smiley face in your dan tien. I also recommend
smiling for real – I’ve found it’s very helpful to smile softly to
yourself as you smile into your body.

Let that smile radiate happiness, calm, contentment.

Feel your smile bathe your organs and every system in your body in
radiant healing energy.

Continue to breathe gently and deeply into your dan tien as you
smile. After only two to three minutes, you should be feeling great!

There are several ways to amplify the Inner Smile technique. One of
the most accessible is to project the smile out in front of you.

Basically, visualize the smile in your dan tien / lower abdomen
being projected out from that power center to a spot two to three
feet in front of you.

If you’re into the Batman movies or comics, picture Commissioner
Gordon firing up his beacon and illuminating the night sky with
the Batman Signal.

In this case, you can picture the universal smiley face. See it
bright and shiny, smiling back at you. Then, smile back at it.
Yes, actually smile – broaden your soft smile to a big, toothy
smile. Feel the energy amplify – breathe it in.

Then see how you feel.

I’ve had people do this exercise, as described, and feel absolutely
transformed after just five minutes or so. It truly is a wonder!
And I like the fact that it’s easy to learn and do. Even if you
don’t get every detail, you will still reap the benefits. It’s
that good!

You Can Do It!

Karen Van Ness

“Transform Body Mind and Spirit with Dynamic Energy Exercise!”

P.S. In my next post, I will let you know how you can get even
more breathing and energy exercises, insights and instruction
from yours truly. AND I will explore some of the fascinating
psychological and metaphysical background which informs and
contributes to the effectiveness of combining breathing and

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2014

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