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People are raving about the “Inner Smile” technique I shared with
you in my previous blog posts.

Readers have been emailing me to tell me how much they enjoy this
exercise, and how wonderful they feel after doing it for just a
few minutes.

Truth be told, I gave you a high level synopsis of the exercise. I
focused on the key points, the major steps, and then relied on you
to fill in the gaps.


Through your own experience, of course!

There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo out there about breathing and energy
exercises, about “secret” techniques and methods, about how you
have to study and practice for a long time before you get to the
really good stuff.

The reality is this: you can pick up quite a bit of technique and
skill by starting at a basic level, practicing and experiencing
at that level, then building from there.

It’s similar to teaching any new skill to anyone, from music to
martial arts to macrame.

First, you provide a basic foundation of knowledge, initial skills,
and a few key techniques.

You then have the student practice these, over and over, so they
actually experience them and therefore learn them. The experience
part is critical. Just reading about something won’t make you good
at it, or allow you to understand it.

Actually DOING THE THING, even if it’s at a basic level, pushes you
forward toward competency and, eventually, skilfulness.

At the same time, an instructor will work to ensure their student is
progressing in increments or steps that make sense: steps that
challenge the student just a little to keep it interesting, but
don’t ovewhelm so much that the student gives up.

I know from experience teaching martial arts and breathing exercises
that too much time spent in explanation is boring.You have to
explain the basics, then let the student work with it and practice.

Once they have some experience, you then add the next layer of
explanation, detail or complexity.

Move the performance level and knowledge base up, step by step….
and you have a winning formula for progress and learning.

So, back to the “Inner Smile” and other, similar exercises.

I can teach and explain quite a number of wonderful exercises to
you in these email tips. However, because of the length at which
I have to keep these (so you will actually read them), I sometimes
struggle with how much detail to include.

How best to resolve this?

Well, for one thing, I have created a number of information
products which go into greater depth on specific areas of
breathing, energy cultivation, stress management, and flexibility.
Visit to
see a complete listing.

Here’s another thing I used to do: early on, when I first started
the Best Breathing website, I published a short, two to four page
newsletter that I sent out each month to my customers.

Yes, a PRINT newsletter which I mailed out.

I know I know, not common in this day of digital everything. But
I tried it out anyways.

And I was pleasantly surprised at the response. My customers
loved it!

They loved that I could devote more space to really digging into
a specific topic, or even cover off a couple of topics, in more
detail than I usually can through an email message.

And I loved being able to share even more information, insights
and inspiration with my customers.

I eventually stopped doing the print letter. Not sure why, now
that I think of it.

But, I’ve decided to start up me ol’ letter again. And you,
my friend, are the beneficiary. IF you are interested.

As I said, the <em>”Best Breathing Exercises Letter”</em> will be written
for you and mailed to you each month. quill_pen

It’s like a letter I would write to a good friend, one who wants
to learn more about improving health and energy levels,
transforming stress, being more focused and confident, and
becoming more resilient.

And, because it’s a print newsletter, I don’t have to edit myself
quite as much as I sometimes have to when writing online. So I can tell
you what I really think!

So, how do you get on my list?

Here’s the deal:

I used to limit receipt to customers only. But I very much
appreciate your following and reading this here blog o’ mine.
So I’ve decided to open up this new version of the “Letter”
to you, Dear Reader.

If you’ve been followinging my blog and would like to receive the
<em>”Best Breathing Exercises Letter”, simply give me your mailing
adress and you will be on the list.

Here is the link to provide your current mailing information:

I’m only opening sign up for the Letter for a few days. I want
people are are truly interested and will actually USE and therefore
BENEFIT FROM the information I will be providing.

I’m betting you are one of those people. You want even more information,
insights and inspiration to help you live the full, active, joyful life
you deserve! So goeth noweth and provide your mailing information at

It will take you less than a minute. Go there now and git er done.

You Can Do It!


“Transform Body Mind and Spirit with Dynamic Energy Exercise!”

P.S. Yes, you too can receive and benefit from even more breathing
and energy exercises and instruction, and deeper insights
into the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of
abundant energy, health and fitness – by signing up for my FREE
monthly print newsletter, the <em>”Best Breathing Exercises Letter”.

In the next few issues, I will be exploring the fascinating
psychological and metaphysical background which informs and
contributes to the effectiveness of breathing and visualization.
And I will share more details on several of the most productive,
yet easy to learn, exercises that I have enjoyed over the years.

To input your mailing address info, go to

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2014

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