I’m Not Picking on “Old” People!

Last week, I told the story about how I helped two of my martial
arts students who were in their forties and fifties go from being
“tight as a drum” – as in not able to touch their toes, only able
to kick to about hip height, and massively frustrated with their
lack of flexibility – to being able to kick easily to the head.

This transformation occurred within about three weeks’ time of
focused stretching. Each guy would spend about 15 minutes or so
with me after class, three times per week. And each made the
commitment to stretch on their own, for a few minutes, on at least
one or two other days.

Not a lot of time required. Just some consistent effort applied
with some basic information, so they were stretching in an optimal

I received a number of emails expressing interest in how exactly
I did this. I also received a number of orders for the Dynamic
Flexibility program (go to the Best Breathing Exercises website
for more information on my program, “Dynamic Flexibility: The
Secret To Healthy, Pain-Free Joints, Limber Muscles and Maximum
Mobility” —

Funny, but a few of the emails asked me to “lay off the old guys”,
as one dear reader put it.

They objected – in a half-joking way – to my picking on people in
their forties or fifties who are tight and inflexible.

Methinks I hit a nerve here!

Well, let me reassure you that I was NOT picking on “old guys”,
or “old gals”, for that matter.

I have worked with enough students and clients and friends over
the years to understand the challenge of coaxing tight muscles
and squeaky joints into loose, fluid, relaxed motion.

Not to mention, I myself am well into that forties / fifties
demographic, so I would never poke fun at us older and wiser

Here’s the funny thing: the tightest and least flexible I
have been in my life was actually in my early twenties.

Yes, my twenties!

Due to an accident when I was in college, in which I was hit by
a car (the score of that one was Car 1, Pedestrian 0), I suffered
from a back injury and ongoing sciatica and muscle spasms that
no amount of massage, treatment, or meds could eliminate.

I vividly recall roadtripping with my then husband to visit his
mom, and suffering through most of the six hour trip in pain. Any
time I was sitting, whether in the car, at work, or watching TV,
I had to move and reposition every couple of minutes. I just
could never get comfortable.

And forget touching my toes. I had to sit down to put on my
socks or tie my shoes, or even to wash my feet in the shower.

For me, the salvation came from stretching: stretching in a
specific way, leveraging techniques and an approach that I learned
when I started training in the martial arts again.

Stretching the way I learned and advocate and teach in my
program, “Dynamic Flexibility”, is an easy, straightforward,
yet radically effective way to improve your flexibility and
range of motion.

No matter how tight you may be today, or how much pain or
discomfort you suffer from due to tight muscles or creaky joints,
you CAN achieve surprisingly quick results from a basic
routine of stretching and flexibility exercises.

And the good news is, you only have to devote a few minutes
a day on a consistent basis to achieve real results.

You Can Do It!


“Transform Body Mind and Spirit with Dynamic Energy Exercise!”

P.S. Stretching and flexibility means more than maintaining a certan
range of motion, or the ability to bend down and pick up
something. It means resiliency. It means motion. It means acting –
and FEELING – younger and more energetic, in everything you do.

It can even impact your thinking. Yes, having a more flexible
and supple body helps you develop greater flexibility and
creativity in your thinking! And being more flexible and open is
a surefire way to accelerate your results in the work that you do.

I share my method of improving flexibility and joint health
through my program, “Dynamic Flexibility: The Secret To Healthy,
Pain-Free Joints, Limber Muscles and Maximum Mobility”.

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In this special program, I home in on the most productive,
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I also show you how your breathing and emotional state can
influence your flexibility…and how to leverage both to
radically increase your flexibility and feeling of wellbeing
within minutes.

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2014

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