New Year. New Body. New Life

Happy New Year!

The New Year provides an annual milestone and impetus to improve in the areas of your life that you are not satisfied with. It also provides a nice starting point for pushing to greater heights in those areas that are going well.

Despite the most heartfelt resolutions, many people don’t get off to a fresh start in the New year because they allow themselves to remain mired in the past. Past failures, past shortcomings, past heartbreaks. It’s easy to hold on to these and assume they are indicators of what the future holds.

It’s important to free yourself from the internal binds to the past. What happened in the past year, or in previous years, HAS happened. It is gone. Learn from your experiences, yes! But don’t let what has happened in the past – good or bad – prevent you from crafting the best possible now – and future now’s – for your life.

In the spirit of the Fresh Start, here are some thoughts to help you break loose and think with freedom, feel with optimism, and move with a light and joyful step through the coming year.

At a physical level, you are a BRAND NEW person. By the time you read this sentence, 100,000 cells in your body will have died and been replaced! Your entire body – all the tissues and structures – regenerates itself every 6 months. You are constantly dying and regenerating at the cellular, indeed the molecular level. Every new day brings new growth.

Whatever trauma, heartache or so-called failure that happened last year happened to the old you – the you that existed then. But why is it that we so often remain captive to the emotional hurts and bad habits of the past? Mentally and emotionally, we remain tethered by guilt, shame, and blame. When we should be following the lead of our physical selves and – let go.

The Bible says, “You are wonderfully and powerfully made.” You are a completely new you. You are wiser, more powerful, more capable. You are a survivor. So don’t remain chained to the emotional or physical hurts of the past. A new you greets this year. A future new you will finish this year. Let’s kick it off in fine fashion!

You Can Do It!


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