Happy New Year! The Year of the Water Rabbit

Happy New Year – again!

This past weekend we celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year, and Sunday we began the Year of the Water Rabbit (January 22, 2023 to February 9, 2024).

This is an auspicious year because the Rabbit, the most positive sign of the Chinese Zodiac, symbolizes longevity, prosperity, and peace. The Rabbit is also considered a lucky sign. I’m particularly excited about this year because I am a Water Rabbit, so I feel like this will be an auspicious year for me. Lots to look forward to for all of us, especially as we come out of the Year of the Black Tiger with its sudden and rapid changes.

Of course, constant change is the natural state of the world. The more we can build our resilience and ability to adapt, the better we can harness the energies of change to help make our lives and our world better. The Year of the Water Rabbit brings an energetic shift enabling each of us to focus on our individual responsibilities and things that are important to us. This means, in part, that it’s a good year to turn your attentions inward, do some introspection, and consider what is truly meaningful to you. Work toward self-development and on improving yourself – including focusing on your health, both mental and physical.

This will be a wonderful year to focus on achieving personal goals. Put procrastination aside and use the energy of the Rabbit to get out of your old ruts or routines (that may not be serving you well) and move into action. Don’t get scattered by trying to solve all your problems. Rather, choose one or two areas for improvement or positive change and focus on them. Do a little day by day, week by week. Ride the energetic wave of the Rabbit which tends towards self-improvement.

One other key point: Listen to your intuition. This is always important, but especially so this year. The Rabbit is a curious animal BUT will instinctively move away from anything that doesn’t seem right to it. Honor your own internal wisdom – listen to that voice within – and go with what you think is right.

Special Considerations for Your Qigong

This year, focus on your Qigong and breathing to help improve your overall health. Attending Qigong class on a regular basis is a fantastic way to tap into the energy already inside you to help catalyze transformation at the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual levels. Practice your centering and grounding to help you maintain an island of stability, even as you leverage the active and auspicious energies of the year to improve yourself. And be sure to share kindness and peace with the important people in your life.

Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous year!

You Can Do It!

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