A Natural Healing Approach to Trauma

I recently presented at the End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) Annual Conference in Chicago (#EVAWI2023). What a wonderful event! Over 2300 professionals attended in-person (plus another 300-plus virtually). I came away even more appreciative of the important work these law enforcement officers, advocates, nurses, mental health professionals, and prosecutors perform every day, and the impact they have on survivors of sexual assault and other forms of gender-based violence.

I also appreciate the professionals who stopped by our booth for more information – AND who attended my presentation on “A Natural Healing Approach to Trauma” using an energetic / mind-body-spirit approach rooted in Classical Chinese Medicine, a 5,000 year old healing tradition.

My presentation was interactive – we had over 140 attendees who asked some great questions. AND we did some breathwork and qigong exercises together. Thank you all for actively participating!

The presentation was titled, “A Natural Healing Approach to Trauma: Working with the Body’s Innate Wisdom to Facilitate Physical, Mental and Emotional Transformation”. Here’s what it covered:

Trauma, vicarious trauma, and PTSD frequently impact sexual assault survivors and those who work with survivors. Unfortunately, clinical and counseling interventions may not always succeed in helping individuals process or “move past” the trauma, because they do not fully address the healing that needs to occur at all levels.

Medical Qigong is a subset of Classical Chinese Medicine, a 5,000-year-old medical tradition that provides a complete body-mind-spirit approach and considers the whole being to enhance health and resilience. Its key principles operate in a holistic way by working with the energy centers and pathways of the body, helping clear out disease, blockages, old hurts, and emotional stagnation to kick start the body’s ability to repair and heal itself.

The presentation introduced participants to this ancient, proven “technology” that can empower individuals who have experienced a traumatic incident (including post-traumatic stress), as well as those within the helping professions who experience vicarious trauma. This approach works energetically to help regulate and unblock the energy meridians, which is often a “missing piece” for people who have been trying to resolve chronic emotional or physical issues, better manage stress, or increase energy levels.

IN our session, we provided attendees with an introduction to simple, accessible exercises which combine breathing, specific movement patterns, and visualization to help transform stress, center and ground, and improve health and internal energy. These exercises help redirect attention from stressful physical or environmental stimuli to a more inward, relaxed focus, leading to a greater sense of personal control and resilience.

Free Book!

I have also just completed a new book on this same subject. We received tremendous interest in the book at the conference, as well as in the consulting and coaching we provide which can be customized to each individual and to each organization’s requirements and objectives. We are having additional copies printed and will make this available for FREE for a limited time. If you are interested in learning more about these principles OR would like a free copy of my latest book on this subject, please visit the Mind-BodyResilience website.

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