An Attitude of Gratitude

Well, this is Thanksgiving week here in the U.S. And before I dive into our family activities we have planned for the week, I wanted to write to you about the powerful impact that cultivating a spirit of gratitude can have in your life.

Think of this as a friendly little reminder of what you already know. Something that we often can easily forget when we are in the thick of “life”: work, family, community obligations…and now all of the extra activities and stress associated with the holidays.

Did you know that the feelings of gratitude and appreciation are probably the most profound you can have. Perhaps love is a higher value feeling or emotion. But let’s stick to gratitude for now.

When you are focused on gratitude, you vibrate at a higher level. You feel more in harmony with the world. You smile and laugh more easily because you are more relaxed. And you can feel the energy boost.

On Thanksgiving, a day meant for expressing thanks, take a minute or two to reflect. Take a “gratitude time out”.

Sit and reflect on the people, circumstances, and blessings in your life. We all have them. In tough times, you may have to search deeply to find them. But they are there.

I’ll leave you with a quote about the power of gratitude:

“The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best; therefore it tends to become the best; it takes the form of character of the best, and will receive the best.”
(Wallace D. Wattles)

I appreciate YOU, my friend. Thank you for reading. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Karen

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