Breathing & Qigong for Health and Energy

Transform Stress, Center Yourself, and Improve Your Health and Energy in 4 Short Weeks!

Conscious Breathing helps you focus, relax, and calm yourself and redirect your attention from stressful physical or environmental stimuli to a more inward, relaxed focus, leading to a greater sense of personal control.  You feel stronger and more capable of dealing with the curveballs and surprises that life throws at you. Deep breathing is also the key to robust health and enhanced longevity.

Qigong (“Chee Kung”) is an ancient form of energy exercise which combines breathing, specific movement patterns, and visualization in a powerful practice that helps you transform stress, center yourself, and improve your health and internal energy. This course provides you with a wonderful introduction to each of these ancient and vital practices. Karen bypasses all the “woo woo” stuff and focuses on the foundational elements of a successful practice, so you can reap the benefits from your first day of learning.

The course is offered in four weekly installments, affording you detailed instruction and adequate time to learn and perform the exercises. By the conclusion of the four weeks, you will have learned:

  • Foundational breathing exercises to enhance your focus, fitness and health.
  • The Wu Ji posture, grounding, and how to activate your primary energy center (the Dan Tien).
  • Two ancient and highly effective Qigong exercises which are easy to learn and provide wonderful physical and energetic benefits.
  • Instructions and suggestions for establishing your own breathing and Qigong practice, extending your training through Standing Qigong/meditation, and more.
  • Time investment: only 10 to 15 minutes per day provides significant benefits.

Our goal is to introduce you to a proven health and energy cultivation method impacting body, mind, and spirit, which hopefully becomes an ongoing, consistent practice you will enjoy and benefit from. 

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Breathing and Qigong 4-Week Intro Course