Every Six Months

We’re still in the every beginning of the New Year. So today, I’d
like to share with you a thought of renewal.

Did you know that, every 6 to 7 months, every cell in your body is

Pretty amazing, huh? Just think, by this time next year, you will
have an entirely new body at the cellular level — perhaps twice
over, at that!

This clues us in to a great way to think about this year. Instead
of thinking only of what you want to accomplish, or what you have
to get done…think also in terms of renewal.

How can you begin to take the actions to renew yourself; to become
the person you want to be; and to make your life the way you
envision it to be?

How can you get that old energy and enthusiasm back; or get it to
begin with, if you never had it?

Use this same idea to help gauge your progress during the year.
At the six month point, the end of June, assess how you are doing.
Are your progressing on schedule toward your goals? If not, you’ve
still got time for course correction, or to re-evaluate and perhaps
re-set those goals.

According to surveys, the number one goal for most people is to
lose weight and get in shape.

This means the two major areas people are focusing on are exercise
and diet.

We’ll look at both areas in some depth in the coming weeks. I’d
just like to offer a note of caution.

Most of us start on a new project, like starting an exercise
program or a new diet, with lots of enthusiasm and motivation.
That’s to be admired and appreciated.

Unfortunately, we typically make such sudden and drastic changes
to our routine, that we actually cause excessive stress to our
bodies. We get sore, we get tired, we get sick of eating a more
programmed or rigid diet all the time, and so forth.

Everyone has a different threshold. But usually within 3 to 4
weeks, our enthusiasm begins to wane. We begin to find excuses
for not being able to work out. And we “cheat” so frequently on
the crazy diet we decided to try that we…well, we stop following
the diet.

Now, I’m not trying to dampen your enthusiasm. Not one bit.

I’m just advocating a more realistic way of starting. One that
accepts the fact that the most profound changes in our lives,
especially in our health, require consistent effort over time.

In other words, I recommend you look at changes to your lifestyle
that you can live with for the long term.

This means NOT saying you are going to exercise for three hours
a day, when you know there is no way in he** you can keep that
up. This also means NOT going on some crazy diet that guarantees
you will lose 5 pounds a week, but severely restricts the foods
you can have.

Make the most of your enthusiasm with small to moderate changes
that you can make today, AND that you will be able to live with
6 months from now. You’ll be surprised and delighted at the
progress you make.

By the way, if one of your goals is to lose weight and achieve
the awesome physique you deserve, but you feel like you’re in
rut, or unsure whether you can “finally” take off the weight…I
can give you a tool and a system to break out of that rut and
actually achieve your ideal weight — without struggle or
deprivation. It’s the “Fire Up Your Metabolism” Program, and you
can get more information at the Best Breathing Exercises site.

You Can Do It!


P.S. One of my favorite quotes is, “What would you do if you
knew you could not fail?” Set lofty goals for yourself. Then
follow through with action. Here’s to a great 2011!

Copyright, Karen Van Ness, 2011

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